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Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

May 1, 2019

Stepping into the Unknown

As I begin to put together my thoughts, that I will share in book 4, The Realm of Love, I've reflected on this new realm that I will be stepping into. A realm of unknown. Stepping into the unknown, has been my life journey over the last ten years after I left the cult, and stepped into a world that was foreign to me. Every step forward was a step into the unknown. It has been a very challenging but wonderful journey. I often reflect back on those ten years, especially now that I am in editor prep for book 2, Into the Mirror. It goes to the editor this weekend. Book 1, Falling Silence has come back from the editor and now I am in the process of making corrections. 

Feb 17, 2019

A World at my Fingertips

We are all seeking the same thing. To live a happy life and have sufficient resources to take care of ourselves and those that are dear to us. Our similarities outweigh our differences. It's amazing when you focus on people instead of the news, just how small our world becomes. This big wonderful world is at my fingertips. With ear buds in, listening to music from creators around the world... life is good!

Feb 10, 2019

When it all Becomes Real

Call it sheer determination, drive or whatever label resonates within you. All I know is that hell has been my training ground. With Blue Flame Wings extended, I rise. I rise knowing that it isn't if... it's when. Knowing that I am aligned with what I desire and I will connect with the desires of my heart.

Jan 19, 2019

New Horizons

I've come to learn how to embrace the journey of life. Life only gives us the guarantee of experiences. It is through the lessons of failure that we learn better how to succeed. I've always been on who tried to control the events in my life, until life laughed and taught me that my own control was in how I interacted with the events it laid before me.

Dec 10, 2018

Rest in Peace - A New Perspective on Letting Bad Habits Die

This time of year is also the time, when we can reflect on the year. Think of what we have taken the time and energy to nurture, to grow and to breath life into. While there may be many wonderful things that we can look fondly at, there isn't a one of us that doesn't look back and reflect on things we would like to have done differently.To my habits that have hindered me in the past, I kneel, bow my head and whisper "Rest in peace and may Father Universe and Mother Nature always guide your direction and path."

Dec 7, 2018

With Wings of Flame She Arises - A sneak peak

You'll often hear me talk about this beautiful blue flame that is within me. This is a metaphor I've used my entire life. A blue flame is the hottest part of a flame. It is the symbol I chose to represent pulling out that inner strength one needs when life is challenging. My visualizations and meditation have been a guiding force to me deciding to delve into writing a fantasy. The words I share flowed freely. They are another chapter I have written for the book, "With Wings of Blue Flame She Rises" I hope you enjoy this as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

Dec 6, 2018

Strength of a Snowflake

Words are much like a single snowflake. Alone they may appear to be insignificant with little power. Joined with others they can flow in the minds of the reader and create a strong emotional response that causes the heart to beat stronger.

Dec 5, 2018

Flame On

In the heat of a battle, there isn't a male warrior out there that wouldn't want a strong female warrior by his side. Back to back battling the opposing forces together. Knowing that while he is focusing on the foes in the front, she has his back and can hold her own to battle the forces at his back. Likewise, there isn't a female warrior who wouldn't want the same.

Dec 4, 2018

Tis the season to be The Protector of Hearts

Because seriously, with the Christmas lights twinkling, the fireplace warming the room and your lover in your arms... or in your ear...  as you sway to Christmas music, you can't help but stop the petty arguing over the little things. Things that come January probably aren't going to matter. Come June, they won't even be remembered.

Dec 3, 2018

A Perfectly Imperfect Christmas - Join Me

Sipping on a glass of wine, with the music playing and seeing the tree is slightly tilted because apparently I didn't put all the ornaments evenly around the tree so one side is a bit heavier than the other, I've come to one conclusion. This year... I believe I'm going to have an amazing "Imperfect" Christmas.

Dec 1, 2018

Embrace the Journey

Today, I reflect back upon the ultimate high for me. The day I decided to jump out of a perfectly good running airplane and plunge to the ground... with a man strapped to my back who I knew he would be determined to land safely. 

Oct 7, 2018

The Art of Defining Me

The Art of Defining Me is my personal story and journey from being born and raised into a cult environment in which I finally was able to escape. My books and challenges are the process and journey I took to learn how to live in a world I was raised to fear as evil.
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