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Strength of a Snowflake

Strength of a Snowflake poem by Carin Camen
The challenging part of writing black words on a white screen, is that every individual reading those words, will formulate in their mind the voice and tone. In their minds those will formulate the vision of the facial expression.

Yesterday's post would have me either as a strong woman talking confidently, a woman sobbing or a raving mad woman. Sigh... For those who know me, they would have smiled, maybe even chuckled. They heard the strong woman talking and with a tilt of their head the words most likely flowed through their mind,
"It's about time... you preach it girl!"

The Strength of a Snowflake take a lighter tone, but the strong woman inside remains. My head phones are on and I'm listening to Christmas music. 

I wrote this when I was in my dream job as a real estate managing broker. I was sitting in my corner office, sipping on hot cocoa and looking out the window as the snow gently fell. I was still in the cult.

A few short weeks later, I would be laid off from this job. Being laid off was catastrophic for me. The catastrophic effects lead to me look at the world with a different set of eyes. I began looking at jobs outside of this state and what qualifications it would require to obtain an income to support myself and my children. I had given up alimony in the divorce in order to maintain custody of my children. Money or my children... I chose the later.

This search into the world outside of the cult, thinking about working with individuals outside of that cult mentality was an interesting process for me. It opened up my eyes and I began to start to question everything about my life, my life's purpose. I find it interesting how loosing my job ten years ago placed me on the path that helped me to be here today. Writing this post to you.

Ten years later, I would loose another job that would seal that path to the direction that I am on today. Building up my IT Consulting and writing business. Living a life that is filled with more joy and happiness than I have ever known before.

Isn't it amazing how an initial perspective of catastrophe can end up being the best thing that happen to you? Isn't it interesting how time changes our perspective. What causes us to cry one day in sadness, causes tears of gratitude on another day.

What we assume is meant when we read black words on a white screen, is often drastically different from the intent of the writer. One interpretation could cause frustration and anger, the other interpretation could cause a feeling of love and appreciation. There is so much that goes into understanding black words on a white screen.

Unless we are willing to step back and go with the flow. Unless we are willing to not assume the worst. Unless we are willing to ask questions to gain better understanding and clarity of the black words on a screen we are only left with our own assumptions of their meaning.

Words are much like a single snowflake. Alone they may appear to be insignificant with little power. Joined with others they can flow in the minds of the reader and create a strong emotional response that causes the heart to beat stronger.

The flip side of a single word joined with others can have the opposite effect. These joined words can create irreparable destruction. 

I often reflect on this poem. It reminds me that each of us are seen differently by others. How our words can be interpreted in various ways. 

Another perspective of this poem could be interpreted as...

The strength of a snowflake lies in the silence of its descent. In its uniqueness and individuality of its form. 
The term snowflake has recently been turned from something unique and beautiful to being associated with a negative tone. The association that this individual is easily offended.

In its ability to see the possibilities of beauty at every turn.
The association of the how our youth have been sheltered and not been shown the true ugliness and hardness of life. The giving of medals to everyone on the team instead of just the winners.

To seek out others and create magnificent and breath taking structures for the enjoyment of all.
Magnificent and breath taking structures is up to personal interpretation. Ice castles could be envisioned in one person's mind. Another may see the ice castle as a waste of time, resources and energy that when it melts will reek havoc with the melting snow.

The strength of a snowflake lies in its ability to capture the light and sparkle even in the darkest of nights.
One individual may fondly think of driving around in the car and looking at the pretty Christmas lights as the snowflakes gently fall. Another individual may think about how cold it is going to be, putting those Christmas lights up when the snow is falling.

To adapt is ability to instill laughter from a child, making snow angels in the snow.
Fond childhood memories could be thought about with this sentence. Another could have a memory of being bullied and having their face pushed into the snow when they were making snow angels.

Thrill for the youth as they glide down a mountain with their shrieks of joy.
One can recall the thrill of learning how to ski. Another can reflect on having a broken leg and being in pain due to their ski trip.

And serenity for the elderly as they sit by the fireplace and watch its gentle descent.
This can cause a smile on someone's face as they reflect on the beautiful tradition of sitting by the fireplace and holding each other. This line can bring tears to another, as they sit alone by the fireside because the one they love is no longer by their side.

Oh that I were a snowflake.
The extreme of saying "Yes!" or saying, "Hell No!" can be the response of this line.

We can then go to the extreme and write the poem to use the unity of a snowflake to be the destructive force that reeks havoc in our lives.

The strength of a snowflake lies in the silence of its descent.
In its ability to silently join with other to create slippery roads.
In its ability to create havoc wherever they fall.
The screeching of tires in a desperate attempt to avoid a car pileup
on a busy highway.

The strength of a snowflake lies in it's ability to transform. 
To slightly melt and then refreeze creating heavy sheets of ice that fall down
off the skyscrapers and onto unsuspecting individuals rushing to and from work.
The strength of a snowflake lies in it's ability to create mountains of snow
that come spring will melt and create flooding rivers that
will destroy a lifetime of memories as basements flood.

The strength of a snowflake lies in in joining with others and 
slightly thawing until it becomes hail the size of a baseball. 
The strength of a snowflake lies in that baseball size hail 
destroying cars, windows and having people run for shelter.
Oh... maybe I don't want to be a snowflake!

Yeah... that won't go over well on social media. But maybe it got a smile out of you and hopefully a chuckle. Sigh... the complexity of putting down black words on a white screen when pulling out the cell phone and chatting this Christmas season is exhausting. 

Sigh... maybe I'll just turn off my phone and grab a glass of wine. 

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