Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Sep 27, 2021

Love Lines - More

 You embraced the silly side of me   You hugged the tears away

Jun 14, 2021

Love Lines - Breath

Love to the depth of your soul   breath in the spirit of me   while i breath in the spirit of you

Jun 13, 2021

Love Lines - Realm

Beyond this realm we were   Beyond this realm we will be   Time can not break the bond we hold   We are forever one

Jun 12, 2021

Love Lines - Whispers

Before I whispered in your ear i whispered in the wind   Whispers traveling through time and space Touching the depths of your soul

Jun 11, 2021

Love Lines - Finding

Finding within What I desire   Becoming What I desire To hold   In your arms I found me

Jun 10, 2021

Love Lines - Myst of Time

I hear your voice It calls to me Through whispers In the wind   A reminder A commitment A longing To Be

Jun 9, 2021

Love Lines - Beyond

Beyond this moment lost in a memory   a promise a whisper a sigh

Jun 8, 2021

Love Lines - Spin

You spin my world into chaos and confusion   And somehow it is beautiful

Jun 7, 2021

Love Lines - Let Me

Let me be your guiding light through your darkest of storms   let me shine the way back to my heart where you safely belong

Jun 7, 2021

Love Lines - Call to Me

Call to Me I hear your voice it calls to me through whispers in the wind. A reminder A commitment A longing to be   I...

Jun 6, 2021

Love Lines - Before

Before you held me in your arms, I held you in my soul.   Before I heard you whisper my name, your spirit spoke to me.   For I am yours And Your Are Mine Throughout the Realms of Time

Jun 5, 2021

Love Lines - Realm of Time

The realm of time Whispers your name A faded memory Of when we were   A haunting A tear A sigh
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