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Rest in Peace - A New Perspective on Letting Bad Habits Die

Cross on snow with stone wall and steps leading into a stone wall doorway.Death... it is something that we often fear. The fear of the unknown. What will be our existence in the afterlife. Is there an afterlife? This time of year, when many individuals have lost loved ones, it can be a very painful season for them. To them, my heart goes out to. 

For those who are estranged from family, friends or loved ones, this season can also be a trying time in life. Knowing that they are celebrating this Christmas season and the unity is taking the breath out of a joyous time of year. To them, I speak words of softness and say, this is just a moment in time.

This time of year is also the time, when we can reflect on the year. Think of what we have taken the time and energy to nurture, to grow and to breath life into. While there may be many wonderful things that we can look fondly upon, there isn't a one of us that doesn't look back and reflect on things we would like to have done differently.

The time and energy spent to nurture something into life, that didn't continue to grow can be painful. But the lessons learned are the beautiful part of life. Learning from our failures is what life provides us. It allows us to take the pain, and find beauty. To take the sorry and find joy and laughter, when we remember that small moment in time.

December is one of my favorite month's. Being born in December at the very end of the month, is perfect for me. To take the time to reflect not only on the calendar year, but the year of my life. I love December. The crisp cold weather. Gently flakes of snow falling. The crunch of snow underneath your boots. Wearing warm and snugly turtlenecks and layering up. 

Yes, you'll see me writing with gloves on, fingers cut out. I may even have a warm bath robe on over my clothes and a blanket on my lap. God, that makes me sound so old. Someday, I'll have an office with a gas fireplace.

Headphones on, writing and designing... I'm in my perfect element. I couldn't be more happier with this time in my life. I'm surrounded with family, who I was once estranged with. I am at more peace in my life, than I have ever been. I look forward to 2019.

As I reflect on this year, I think of the things that I need to let die in my life. Things that I can no longer feed, nurture and breath life into. Simple little things that combined with other simple little things, don't assist me in obtaining the goals and expectations I have set for myself. The little self-defeating thoughts and behaviors that hold me back. It is time for me, to officially bury them and say a thought of thanksgiving for the lessons they taught me.

I have never been more clear on what I want in my life, in the four areas of life balance. The Yin and Yang. Spiritual, Relational, Physical and Financial. I'm excited to begin a new year to do the final touches of balance that the last ten years of learning has provided me. I am more confident today, than I have ever been in being able to obtain that balance.

My thoughts reflect to the difference of perspective between finding and aligning. I have buried my finding mentality, and am breathing life into my aligning mentality. No longer am I searching. Scanning the horizons, in an effort to find. Instead, I scan the horizons, in an effort to align. 

This change of perspective is a beautiful transformation for me, one of many that I've experienced this year. I'm grateful for each and every person who has been a part of those transformations. Everyone has helped me to learn and grow. Some have been hard and painful lessons that have caused me to shed many tears at the time. But even in them, I can now smile and find the beauty in the experience. I can even laugh and with fondness wish them the very best that life can offer.

Nature is the perfect mentor for aligning. The sounds of nature beautifully harmonize because their vibration energy align. Mother Nature definitely has laid before us a beautiful representation for humanity to follow. Even in the dead of winter, you can close your eyes and hear her symphony. Raising her hand, nature follows her lead. At times we hear gentle sounds, at another she is hitting those beats with vigor and we hear the crashing of a winter storm.

The symphony plays on all around us. The rise and fall of tone and tempo. From the gentle whisper of a snowflake kissing our cheek. The crackle of the fireplace. The crash of ice sliding off the roof. She orchestrates her orchestral sounds magnificently.

With headphones on, I'm listening to the London Symphony playing Christmas music. I'm in awe with the perfect vibrations of the differing strings that come together in perfect harmony with one another all at the command of the conductor. The one who is so highly skilled that they can hear the when the slightest pitch is off. When the slightest beat is out of rhythm.


We turn to science and we find that it to provides us with the lessons of vibration to align and attract. The vibration energy of a magnet, atoms and cells in our body. It is an orchestra that is beyond our ability to often hear, but the sounds are just as beautifully playing as any orchestra. To this, we have the universal higher power to thank.

Call it whatever name you choose. The name of Universe, God, Allay, Buddha, Savior, Christ, Jesus and myriad of other names have been used to define the conductor of the universe. Far to often we fight over the name to use, instead of reflecting on the beauty of what the universe symphony is playing and displaying before us.

The Northern lights creating the most spectacular light show in the heavens. The crashing of the iceberg that creates a ripple effect within the ocean. The rise and fall of every event occurs because of the conductor who controls science.

The sun and the moon are bound by the laws of science. One rises while the other falls. The tilt of earth on it's axis. The perfect distance from the sun. Humanity survives because of these governing laws of science.

It is the perfect union of Mother Nature and what I call Father God. I've also used the term Father Universe, depending on my mood. I use the later, when I am in my left brain and seeking clarity in obtaining order in my mind. I use the former when I am in my right brain and seeking clarity in obtaining order in my heart.

It is not a God that will ever be found in any religious writing. It is an omnipotent power that is governed by order. It is not controlled by emotion to maintain order. It simply follows the laws that were set about to govern.

Just as I don't see an actual woman when I speak of Mother Nature, I don't see an actual man when I speak of Father God. They are powerful forces that can't be defined with our limited human minds.

The Father Universe and Mother Nature demonstrate the perfect union that we all should strive for. They are con substantial, of the same essence. While this term is normally used to explain the Christian Godhead, I haven't found a more harmonious term to use for the ultimate harmony in a relationship. 

It can be used for the Sun and the Moon. For the four elements of wind, fire, earth and water. Their same essence is always found in order that creates harmony. Individuality, that when combined together is far more powerful than either would be on it's own.

Science also teaches us that nothing actually dies, but is transformed and lives on. The decay of the dead is eaten away by the living, to provide the nutrients to maintain life. They in turn, will one day die, to provide the nutrition for another to live.

It is these thoughts that I reflect on as we near the middle of December. My desire to simply strive to align myself with these governing forces of vibration energy. By aligning with what I desire to have in my life, I trust in the order of science and nature to have that aligning occur. 

It doesn't mean I can sit back and say, "Okay... bring it to me." That would not put me in vibration aligning. It does mean, that I need to bury the worry and stress that keeps me from being in alignment with what I desire. I need to bury my lack of confidence in myself. To let them rest in peace.

It means that I need to acknowledge all my efforts, life experience, pain, joy and suffering over my lifetime. To lay it all to rest, to allow their death to transform into the life giving lessons that provides me a wealth of understanding and clarity to know exactly what I want in my life. In their death, they simple transform into knowledge to help myself and others learn from the mistakes that I and others have made. Being willing to ingest the lessons learned, to live a far better life than what could occur, without those lessons.

To my habits that have hindered me in the past, I kneel, bow my head and whisper "Rest in peace and may Father Universe and Mother Nature always guide your direction and path."

Mother Nature flicks her hand and the violin bows raise. Their soft stroke of vibration across their strings gently play the sound of my breath as I exhale. Father Universe raises his gentle. The harp delicately replicates the warmth of my breath as it freezes to a floating cloud that gently drifts upward and dissipates into the air. The weight of my body causing the crunching sound of steps from the ice encrusted snow is gently pounded on the kettle drums.

Together, Father Universe and Mother Nature, they have harmoniously laid out the path before me. With their music ringing in my ears. I take one step forward and upward.

My path, my journey and one I take alone.

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