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Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Embrace the Journey

 Carin sky divingI admit... I can get hyper. The first of the month I am usually high energy and bouncing off walls. It's so exciting. A new month with new opportunities to explore and grow. Yes... I can be exhausting sometimes.

The energy and thrill of setting new goals and expectations for myself. To push myself further than the month before. The fire within me burning strong, letting me know I can do whatever I set my mind to do. The thoughts firing back and forth in my mind, left brain and right brain. Fingers flying on the keyboard. God, I love the first of the month. Let's make it happen!

Today, I reflect back upon the ultimate high for me. The day I decided to jump out of a perfectly good running airplane and plunge to the ground... with a man strapped to my back who I knew he would be determined to land safely. 

What this video doesn't show is that I had just thrown up at the plane's door. The man strapped to my back asking me if I was okay and I yelling back... "Let's do this!"

What the video doesn't show is that after the free fall which was thrilling, when the parachute opened up... my stomach decided it needed to open up as well. Throwing up in my hand and then throwing it out to the side so that hopefully I wouldn't be splatting my vomit on the poor man's face. His parachute I am sure was going to need some serious cleaning. Sigh...

What the video doesn't tell you is the man taking the video, running up to me to hug me and then stepping back real quickly. The same with my colleagues that jumped with me. It doesn't show you, my female colleague's nervous eye on me as she handed me a barf bag to in case I needed to throw up on the way home. It doesn't show you how quickly my male colleague pulled over when I said I needed him to. Or the relief he had when he dropped me off at my house and he didn't have to go clean up his vehicle.

It doesn't show you the laughter that was shared when that story went through the entire company. LOTS of laughter... including me. Always me ending with... "But I jumped!"  Lesson learned... take motion sickness pills.


Whenever I start to fear, I look at the photos hanging on the wall of me jumping or put this video on and sit myself down for a straight talk discussion. "Girl... you jumped out of an airplane. You've got this!"

December is my favorite month. It is the last month of the year and the month I was born. Yes I am a Capricorn. You know the ones that are known to be determined and stubborn. Add that to my Driver personality. That's me. I'm to stubborn to quit. To stubborn to let failure defeat me, in any aspect of my life. 

December is the month of reflection for me. The month I create the strategies of what I desire to achieve in the following year. My mind is constantly in reflection and strategy. 

This month's training module, View My Resume Today is really exciting for me. Each month when I put the new posts of the new training module, I am energized. Excited to see last month's work that I have done, be published. Excited at the possibility that someone will find value in what I am sharing. Excited that I have a couple of weeks I can focus on writing and editing my book, "The Art of Defining Me". My mind starts to develop the strategy for the next two months. It's incredibly exciting and rewarding.

I am filled with gratitude to each and every individual who has followed and remained a follower. I'm grateful for every comment, like and direct message. I'm still learning this social media realm and learning how to not be so socially inept. I'm grateful for the patience everyone has had with me.

As I open up my word document and begin my rewrite of "The Art of Defining Me" you are in my heart and my thoughts. I think of all the comments that have been said and place you in my mind. It is my hope and intent, that my sharing my story will help even just one person embrace the strength within them and to take one step forward.

Life can hit us pretty hard at times. We don't have control over another person's actions. We can only control our response and what we determine to do with the experiences that life gives us. In my story, I share the poor choices I made in a life altering experience. I share the change that occurred for me to stop those self-defeating behaviors. I share the courage and steps I took to heal myself and to move forward in creating the incredible that I have.

I'm not finished... but I'm confident in my ability to move forward one step at a time to create the life I desire to have. 

I correlate much of life's experience with my sky diving. I had an option of jumping out of that plane or to sit my bootie back down and have the plane safely land me on the ground, after I threw up. My "ideal" experience wasn't so "ideal." I could have had a full blown pity party. My story could be one that ended at the door of the plane in a puddle of vomit. 

The choice I had to make, only had seconds to be made. You got a good laugh today, because in those few seconds I pulled the fire from within me. That beautiful blue flame that ignites my passion and drive. That blue flame that shines strongly through my blue eyes. Grasping the flame within, I yelled, "Let's do this!"  Wings extended, I took flight. Okay... reality is I began plummeting to the earth at incredible speed... but... it felt like I was flying.

I think life enjoys grabbing the popcorn and sitting back laughing. I believe I've been some pretty good comic relief for those watching above. I wonder if they place bets? "Let's give her this challenge!" Then the bets start to be laid down on the table. 

I don't know what this month will hold for me, but I am excited for the journey. Place your bets!

Exercise Accountability
I'm definitely feeling that beautiful feeling of the burn, telling me my efforts are working. 
  • Two hours of aerobics 
    • An hour jogging
    • An hour dancing

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