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Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

The Negative Impact of Social Media Lift Lists

Lift lists are quite popular. You put a bunch of names in a tweets and then people in the tweet retweet, follow, comment. It's a quick fix method individuals use to boost their exposure, get new followers, and increase their impressions. The mindset to these lists, is that it has positive on manipulating the algorithms to think you are very popular and to increase showing your content.

Sounds great right? Well not so fast. There is a downside to these lift lists which can have tremendous negative effects on your account. My pinned tweet shows 2022 Q1 results I obtained. One lift list that I was put on wiped all the momentum of hard work of Q1 out.

A quick scroll through my Twitter page https://author.to/Twitter_CarinCamen and you'll see I post motivational and inspiring messages which appeal to a wide audience. It's a place of refuge. If you scroll through my followers/following you'll see a wide range of political beliefs, religions, and sexual preference.

You'll also notice I don't do lift lists. I can't control when I am put on lists, but I don't retweet. Rarely will I engage. Why? A simple "Thank you" can attract attention which triggers negative effects. In a rush, I broke my no engagement rule. The results?


  • Triggered a troll.  
  • Blocked by several individuals.  
  • Triggered the algorithms.  
  • Impressions drastically plummeted.   
  • Drastically engagement decline.
  • Drastic retweet decline.
  • Suppression of my activity in another's notifications.

    Setbacks happen. Its how we look at those setbacks determines how we recover.


    The end of March I took a few days away from Twitter to prepare content for April. This set me up for a strong beginning of Q2. After the lift list incident, my activities remained the same, but you can see how the results plummeted. I'm now in the process of resetting.

    Lift list points to consider.

    There are key points you should consider to help you decide whether or not you should engage in lift list.

    • Creating a lift list and randomly putting individuals on it can get you blocked or muted.  
    • Being put on a lift list, even without your permission, can get you blocked and muted.
    • You have no control over the content other people share in the list.  
    • Any engagement you do on the list, can appear as you condoning anything that is in that list engagement.  
    • Lift lists often get muted by individuals after they say their thank you and drop content.
    • Lift list hashtags are often muted.
    • Tweet can be reported.
    • Tweet can be marked as not interested which begins to limit your other tweets being shown.

    Twitter tweet options.

    Growing your social media takes a lot of time.

    There isn't a quick fix for growth to build your social media accounts. Those who say there are, are usually trying to sell you something. Remember, people buy from companies/individuals they trust. Trust is built through providing a consistent brand message. Consumers want to feel confident with their purchase power. They don't want to experience buyer's remorse.

    1. Establish your brand.  
    2. Maintain your brand.  
    3. Study successful brands.
    4. Engage with similar brands.
    5. Engage with quality comments.
    6. Tweet items that will benefit those who follow you.


    STEPS to Success

    Growing you social media is like any goal you make. You take a large goal and break it down into monthly, weekly, and daily actions. Consistency and accountability is essential to your success.

    STEPS to Success workbook, helps you look at goal setting in a different perspective. It provides you a step-by-step approach which gets results.


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