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Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Bots... If you're out there, we will find you!

Bots... those pesky accounts none of us want following us because they are not real individuals. They make it harder for those just starting out, to verify they are not a new bot account.

Bots are on every social media platform. Not all bots are bad. If you post something on your website and it automatically gets posted on your social media, that's a good use of a bot. If you have set up a bot to auto like or comment, that'll get you into trouble on most social media platforms and potentially have your account taken down.


What makes social media work, is live interaction with people. It is meant to stimulate social engagement with individuals all around the world.


These tips will assist you regardless of which social media platform you are on, to help you not appear to be a bot. I will also share how to spot bots.

Tips to not appear as a bot.

  • Post quality content consistently.
  • Have a pinned tweet.
  • Have your bio complete including a banner.
  • Engage with quality comments.
  • Quote Retweet with quality thoughts.
  • Vet who you follow. As a new account this is even more vital to you. You want other quality new accounts who will be more willing to take a chance and follow you.
  • Don't assume that if a larger account doesn't follow you back, they are being snobby. They follow a criteria to follow back, to ensure they are not following a bot. 
  • Keep commenting, keep growing, and you'll meet the criteria for larger accounts to follow back... IF their number ratio show they follow back.
    • If they have several hundred thousand followers and only follow a couple hundred, the chances of them taking interest in your account is pretty slim. 
  • Grow together. Help other smaller accounts to grow as you are growing. 
  • Be consistent with your activities. If you're providing quality comments and engaging, other accounts may not immediately follow you back, but they can help you grow by retweeting your comments. Remember, it's about the long game.


Tips on how to spot a bot account.

  • They immediately direct message you.
  • They immediately send you a "Thank you @_______ for your follow."
  • Their page is filled with automated "Thank you @_______ for your follow."
  • They don't comment or respond to comments.
  • Their page is filled with retweets of a specific person or hashtag.
  • They don't post original content at least once a day. 
  • No matter whether you are a new account or have a large reader base, vet every account before you follow. Look at their Tweets and Replies, and their Likes tab.

Growing your social media is a business strategy which requires strategic planning. My STEPS to Success program takes you step-by-step through the four phases of every goal. In thirty-days you will discover you'll be a pro at results driven goal setting.

  • Discovery Phase
  • Strategy Phase
  • Design Phase
  • Execution Phase




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