Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Rip and Real - Day Twenty-Four

Our strongest relationship we have in our life, should be with ourselves. Unless we can understand ourselves, we will have difficulty in understanding how to interact with others. Until we understand our thought process, our emotional reaction to life, and what engages our body into action, we will struggle with self-commitment and self-motivation.

With this knowledge, human behavior becomes easier to understand. One will no longer question why divinity hasn't stepped in to stop the violence in the world, when one understand that no one can control another person's choice of behavior. While there may be influences which direct the behavior, the final decision to engage in the act, rest solely on the individual. 

When we choose not to spend time learning the concepts which desire to implement in our lives, to have a peaceful and fulfilling life, we have set ourselves on a path which will not produce the results we desire. The choice was ours at the beginning, to take the action to step onto the path. The choice is ours to determine whether we decide to remain on the path, turn around, or step off the path into a new direction. It always comes down to individual choice.

Live is filled with movement. We are always in a state a motion. We can either be in a state of forward movement, or a state of backward movement. Science has set that law of motion in place. While we may not be able to move back in time, we will see a digression of our skills, causing us to relearn what we were already once skillful in. 

Our ability to be in a constant state of forward movement, has never been easier. We have access to free or minimal cost educational materials at our fingertips. No matter what areas we are interested in, we can find someone with the knowledge who has written or produced video to share these skills. Our opportunity is expanded through our access to individuals worldwide. 

In many cases, the language barrier is removed through video demonstration or language captions. The only thing holding us back, is our willingness to commit to moving forward.

If we as a society is digressing, we must accept responsibility for our individual choices. We can not change another, but we can change ourselves. Time will go by regardless of the choices we make. Let's reflect on the direction we are heading, and if the path we are on is going in the direction we desire to be.

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Laugh at yourself. Create memories with yourself. Become a friend to yourself. This is when all other relationships become more fulfilling.


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Life is filled with movement. We are in a constant state of motion. You determine the direction you are moving.


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The world is at your fingertips. Never has there been a better opportunity to explore the world and learn from others. Listen. Watch. Learn.



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What will you do today, to build a better tomorrow?

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