Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Rip and Real - Day Twenty-Three

What we consume affects our health. Whether this be our physical or mental health, our consumption plays a critical part of in maintaining our health. What are we consuming physically, mentally, and spiritually?

Let's continue down the topic of time. Social media has become an all you can eat dining experience for the mind. It is available 24/7. No matter where we are, or what time of day, it is available at our fingertips. We have a wide variety of choices to consume. Are we self-disciplined enough to consume what will benefit us long term, or are we going for a quick fix binge to help us feel better for the moment, while disregarding long-term health consequences.

What we consume changes our perspective of life. It can either help us see the best which life has to offer, or it can drive us to only seeing the worst in humanity. While we need to be aware of current events, we may not need to over consume the same course throughout the day.

The race for followers, clicks, likes, and comments is a psychological gamification tactic which creates addictive like tendencies. What once began as a method to gain insight from events from all around the world, can quickly lead into an addiction to feed the thirst of the adrenaline rush of the emotions which arise during this activity.

Lack of energy and despair is a signal that our mind and spirit needs a rest. In these moments, let the tears fall. Let the tears cleanse our soul and help us restore balance. Let us during this time, reflect on how we can overcome what is the source and what choice we need to make to improve our mental and emotional health. We then must dry our tears and be committed to taking another step forward to becoming what we desire.

Oftentimes, when we are in moments of weakness, we reach out for comfort in ways which may not produce the long-lasting results we desire. In the passion of the moment, to feel love, we may end up causing ourselves more pain. It is in these moments, when we must step back and be more mindful of the choices we are making.

If we are in an emotionally addictive phase, we may use passion to fill that addiction. Like any addiction, the chemical release in our body through strong emotions can lead to addiction. These emotional addictions can be anger, fear, passion, or other strong emotions.

When our emotional addiction clouds our judgement, we like any addict, will primarily focus on how we can satisfy the addictive need. During these moments, our self-discipline and self-motivation is put to the test. It is our sheer determination to break free of emotional addictions and to replace them with choices and actions which will lead to a more healthy mental and emotional state.

Instead of our focus being on finding passion, let our passion be on finding friendships. After all, the best long-term friendships remain strong and create the best relationships which help fulfill our emotional needs in a healthy manner.

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Embrace the journey. Experience the full range of emotion. Understand your emotional reaction to life. Life is as good as how you view it.


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Let the tears fall. Release that emotion. Dry those tears and then take one step forward and rise once more.


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The best relationships are built on friendship. Far too often we focus on the passion. Be passionate about developing your friendship first.



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