Carillu Series

Release Announcement

Froggie and Friends, the first book in the Carillu series, is now available on Amazon.

Co-authored with my daughter Amber Stevens and dedicated to my two special needs grandchildren.

Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Rip and Real - Day Twenty-Five

In a world where shouting and arguing has become the normal way to communicate, it is more important than ever to improve our communication skills. Far too many are more interested in listening to themselves talk, than to listen to another point of view. The verbal altercation has become a contest of wit, to prove another person wrong. It is a mental and verbal battle of wit, which can often extend into a physical battle. But, it always begins with the thoughts of the mind.

Disagreements are going to occur. We all feel strongly about our personal perspective, thoughts, and feelings. When one's position becomes more important than the relationship, it is a sign that the relationship will be hard pressed to improve. In our personal relationships, it is the soft spoken whispers which can resolve disagreements, when both parties are willing to listen.

The art of communication is an area where we have digressed as a society. We have spent more time fine tuning the skill of degrading and demeaning speech, than we have in improving our communication to unite. While we can't change how another communicates, we can change our own communication patterns. What will we do today, to improve our ability to articulate our thoughts?

In all areas of our lives, setbacks happen. There will always be those who have the motive to wish failure upon us. We must remember that we are not striving to improve for another, but for ourselves. Improving our communication begins with what we choose to put into our mind. 

What are we reading, viewing, and listening to? Does our choice bring thoughts of unity or division? We must always be mindful, that no one can change our thoughts and we can not change another person's thoughts. What can be done, is to provide information which causes one to think and to question.

When emotions arise, with what has been said, it is a sign that an introspection has begun and one has been emotionally effected by what was said. The choice they make, is based upon whether they are willing to continue into the chambers of the mind, and strive to understand their emotional response.

There will be those where we can not agree with their philosophies or actions, but can we take the time to listen to why they came to accepting those philosophies and making those choices? If we can, we have a better understanding on path which leads to these choices and behaviors. We are more knowledgeable on how we can communicate with those, who are just starting down this path, or are looking at it as an option for them to travel upon.

Listen to learn.  



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See to understand, instead of striving to prove you're right, and someone else is wrong. Listen to learn. Speak with a voice of harmony and unity.


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Disagreements are going to occur. We all feel strongly about our opinions. It's the tender moments that are spoken in whispers, where disagreements are resolved.


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Setbacks happen. There will be those who find joy in seeing other fail. You're not doing this for them. You're doing it for you. You've got this!


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What will you do today, to build a better tomorrow?

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