Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Rip and Real - Day Twenty

In our journey of life, individuals will come and go. Each individual which comes into our lives, comes to bring us a life experience to help us to grow. The time they spend with us, may or may not as long as we desire. Once we understand the concept of appreciating the experience, rather than trying to control it, we open up a pathway to understanding relationships.

Relationships in our lives, will be there for as long as both parties desire them to be. If someone is committed to being in your life, obstacles won't matter, they will not need to be asked to stay, they will stay by your side.

We often fail to realize, in the heat of a relationship, how another sees our value. Those who see our value diminish, will always be on the lookout for someone to fulfill that emptiness which we once filled for them. These type of individuals have a long history of broken relationships. Understanding how sometimes individuals see outside of themselves, to fill the emptiness within, can help us avoid heartbreaking scenarios.

It is in the heat of a heartbreaking moment when we are the most tempted to lose sight of who we are. The pain of the moment, can bring thoughts, speech, and actions which would be contrary to our normal choices and behavior. We may strive to justify our choice and behavior by blaming the situation or individual. 

We are always responsible for our choices and actions. While they may deserve receiving the best side of us, we deserve it. This doesn't mean we condone their action. It doesn't mean we don't defend ourselves. There is a difference between staying strong to our integrity and beliefs while defending what we believe, and becoming angry and hostile in our defense. Lowering ourselves to their choices and behavior will only cause us regret. It is when we can stand strong in what we believe in, while maintaining our personal integrity, that we will leave the situation without having regrets.

There may be times when we stand strong and stand alone. In these times, we must be there for ourselves. We must show our commitment to ourselves. While we would appreciate having others stand by our side, we don't control their actions, we only control our own.

We don't need to ask ourselves to stay committed to ourselves... If we desire to be there for us, it won't matter how strong the tide is, we'll maintain our course.

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You don't need to ask someone to stay in your life. If they desire to be there, it won't matter how strong the tide is, they'll maintain their course.


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They may not deserve your good side, but you do. Never lower yourself down to their level. Stay strong. Stay high. Be the better version of you!


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Be the one person who always stands by your side when things fall apart. Be the person that you can depend on to stay strong and overcome.



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