Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Rip and Real - Day Twenty-One

Life can be bitter hard at times. It is in the hardest of times, we gain our greatest strengths. But those who are truly strong, are the ones who don't allow themselves to become bitter and hard. 

When life is filled with chaos and it appears there is no hope left, it is in these moments, we are challenged to define who we desire to be. Our commitment to this desire, can be tested to the extreme. It is in these times, when it is easy to give up on ourselves and the future us, we desire to become.

In these times, our commitment to ourselves is critical for us to be able to overcome. It is the small daily steps we take, which help lead us to brighter days. We are strong enough to take those steps alone. We are grateful for the times when we have others who travel those steps with us. 

The strength gained, when it seems as though we are working through life's challenges alone, gives us insight and clarity beyond what we could imagine. It is where our confidence in ourselves grows. When you meet others, who have found their strength, during the alone times in their lives, there is a common bond of understanding. Both knowing each other is strong enough to continue to go alone, but also knowing they can be even stronger together.

Unity with individuals who have found this type of strength, there is a unity which is rarely broken. When you envision it in the mind, the heart engages to create the emotional response. Both the mind and heart work together, to engage the body into action. 

Strength begins in the mind, by learning to understand the thoughts which initiates the emotional response to life. To understand action and behaviors, one must first understand the thoughts of the mind and how to control them.

Let's commit to taking time to reflect on the emotions of the day, and to understand the thoughts behind them. It is then we can reflect on our actions and determine what changes need to be made, in order to change behavior.

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Life's lessons prepare you to be strong. But the truly strong, are the ones that maintain their softness and don't become bitter and hard.


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You're strong enough to go it alone. What's beautiful is when you join with another who is strong alone, and the two of you are strong together.


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The mind envisions it, and creates the passion in your heart. Together, they engage the body to create the action to obtain your desires.


Daily Activity

What will you do today, to build a better tomorrow?

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