Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Rip and Real - Day Sixteen

Trust is never owed to us, it is up to us to earn it. It begins with how we communicate. Our communication is a reflection of our thoughts. Even the greatest of orators can't escape their thoughts slipping into their speech. When consistent action follows speech, trust is then earned.

As we look at our past behaviors, we can learn how our thoughts directed our speech and action. We thought it, we spoke it, and we followed through. If we are not on the path we desire to take, changing course begins first by changing our thoughts.

As we review our own behavior, we will naturally begin to find a connection to those around us and their behaviors. Group thought evolves into group speech which leads into group action. This behavior pattern can be productive or can become a catalyst for unproductive or even violent behavior.

Our environment affects us. While we may not have had control over our environment as a child, as an adult we are in full control. Are we surrounding ourselves with those who help us to become a better individual? Is our sphere of influence those who are striving to better themselves? 

Humanity evolves within a group of like minded individuals, working together to find solutions to the problems we face. If we are not willing to challenge our group think patterns, we are then unable to find solutions to benefit many, rather than just the few.

By first learning our own value and how we want to be treated, we are then in a better position to extend this type of behavior to others. We can even extend it greater than what we hoped to receive. Each act of kindness towards another, strengthens our acknowledgement to the value we place on ourselves. We are in a position, to acknowledge our improvement.

This doesn't equate to being pushed around, or bullied. If we do not stand up for ourselves, we are also showing our belief in our value. Individuals with a strong inner self-worth, not only will stand up for others, but will also stand up for themselves. When we don't take defensive action, we demonstrate to others our disbelief in ourselves. Defending our value, doesn't equate to being offensive or violent. Those who are willing to listen, will be more receptive to the message when our communication is clear and fact based. Those who are not willing to listen, will not listen regardless of how we communicate or take action.

Our focus should always be in seeking out those who are willing to listen and join in a civil discussion on how to find resolution which will benefit all parties involved. Let's spend some time on how we show others, our belief in our own self-worth, how we listen to learn, and communicate to find resolution.

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Trust is built on a foundation of communication. It is followed by action. Hard to earn and easy to lose.


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If your circle doesn't have people who challenge you, support you, and help you become a better you - it's time to get our the chalk and draw a new circle.


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Value yourself. Know yourself. Know what you're worth. Knowhow you want to be treated. Then reach out and treat other even better.




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