Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Rip and Real - Day Seventeen

There are times in our lives when we have a choice to either, to give it our all to what we are striving to achieve, or end up wondering 'what if' we had given it our all. While life is never guaranteed, time is. Time will move forward regardless of our choices. 

Our choice often comes down to our confidence in our ability to achieve. This is an indication of how we see our value. Are we worth sacrificing a few minutes every day, to accomplish something which is important to us, or do we choose failure before we even begin. Is our focus more on what we will loose, than what we will gain?

Is missing a thirty minute TV program worth spending that same time working on a skill? Thirty minutes a day equates to two hours a week, eight hours a month and 104 hours a year. What could we do to increase a skill if we put in a hundred hours a year working on it?

We often see those who have skills we admire and we go into wish mode. What we fail to acknowledge is the time they spent to develop those skills. We fail to acknowledge what they were willing to give up to obtain the time they spent on improving their skill.

When we have a solid understanding of our value, we tend to value the time we spend in various activity with life. If going out and boating or skiing is important, we will naturally find the time to engage in those activities. No matter where our enjoyment in life comes from, there are skills which must be learned in order to fully enjoy it. Allotting our time to learn a skill, doesn't equate to living a life without enjoying life.

When we value ourselves, we show love for ourselves by taking care of our emotions, wants, desires, and needs. Each of these require us to increase our skills. Loving ourselves to find the time to enhance our lives, helps us to learn how to love another and be supportive in their desire to take the time to increase their skills for their lives to be enjoyable.

Rather than regretting the time someone takes towards an activity which provides pleasure in their life, we can be supportive and often utilize that same time doing things which provides pleasure in our lives. One may enjoy fishing and their partner can enjoy accompanying them and using the same time to read, paint, photograph, or pick up the pole and fish.

The key to showing we value another, is to find commonality in areas we can enjoy together, or to find commonality in the use of our time, while still enjoying each others company, as we both are doing different tasks.

Let's take the time to reflect how we can find commonality in our use of time, even when our tasks may be different.

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Be willing to risk and give it your all. Be willing to dig in deep and keep going. Being exhausted is better than being haunted by "What if!'


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When you know your value, you know you can move forward alone. You know that you'll be surrounded with others who acknowledge your value.


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It's okay to love yourself. When you're capable of loving yourself, you'll be more capable of loving others. As you'll recognize the pain in their eyes.



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