Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Rip and Real - Day Eight

Stressful times puts every relationship to the test. The greatest challenge we face is accepting our emotional response which can strengthen or weaken our relationships. It is in times of stress we show our emotional maturity and we see the emotional maturity of those around us. The choice is to determine if we are willing to work together to improve together. 

It is when stressful times cause relationships to fall apart, that our stress rises to another level. Our choice is to determine how we are going to engage with the individual after ways have been parted. Will we wish them the best, appreciating the good times that were shared, or will we become hateful and vindictive?

The later is an easy trap to fall into. It takes courage and strength to not fall into this trap, which only delays and enhances the pain one is feeling.

Action follows what value the mind has determined. Long before the first harmful act, it has been well rehearsed in one's mind. Rather than trying to convince someone of your value, wish them the best in moving on to find someone they deem has value. There may even come a time, should you see them madly in love with someone else, that you are genuinely happy for them.

When we don't rely on another to determine our value, we have an easier time letting go of the pain and appreciating the good times, while we look forward to a positive future. Our experiences in failed relationships, if we choose to see them, can provide us insight to the lessons learned on how we can succeed.

Let's strive to take the time, when we begin to notice stress taking a toll on our relationships, to work together before things escalate beyond prepare. We can't change or control another individuals actions, we can only work on ourselves. We will often find, that when we work to improve ourselves, other will often work on improving themselves. 

It comes down to daily thoughts, actions, and choice. 

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There is no need to fight for someone. If they're committed, they'll be in your life. If not, wish them the best and place your focus on your goals.


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If someone doesn't see your value in a relationship, it means you're not aligned. Wish them the best and work on aligning yourself with what you desire.


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Failures of past relationships, like all failures, give you lessons on how to succeed. Learn the lessons so you can succeed.



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