Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Hidden Treasures - Day Sixteen

There is an amazing mind shift which occurs, when you are more focused on the experience of the journey than you are with the outcome. Set backs and failures, no longer cripple you. Instead of feeling defeated, you begin to feel energized as you analyze what went wrong and how you could improve.

Many of life's disappointments occur due to circumstances beyond our control. When we invest time, energy, and resources on a project, we of course want it to succeed. We want a good return on our investment. But let's reflect for a moment on how many things we do on a daily bases which we invest a lot of time, money, and resources which don't produce a positive outcome.

We work hard to purchase items that we discard shortly after. We spend time on activities which we won't remember a few weeks later. We allow our emotions to be dictated by what we read on social media. Yet... we don't consider these activities a failure of our time and energy.

Why then, do we struggle when we experience failures in areas of our life, which are productive and enhance our lives? When we work on developing a new skill and we struggle and fail on the first attempts, do we get discouraged and give up? If we are working out or changing our diet and we don't get the desired results, in the time we want, do we stop?

As we contrast the different set of activities we do, we most likely are laughing. How many times have we sat through a 30 minute show and afterwards thought it was a waste of time? How many times have we purchased an outfit we later regret purchasing? Yet... we will still continue to watch TV and continue to go shopping without hesitating and wondering about ability to succeed.

Why can't we do this with other tasks in our lives? Why do we fear failing, when each experience along the journey helps us to achieve?

Today let's reflect back upon the failures in life, which have allowed us to grow into the individual we are today. Let's commit to the journey... including the journey of learning the lessons from failure.

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White and cream tree fungus.

Rough tree bark with burgundy color.

Mushroom shaped tree fungus.



As we reflect upon our success, daily we will explore our commitment to ourselves and what the goals we set. Taking time to write down what went wrong, what was a struggle, and what was a complete failure will help us to gain insight on how to overcome the times, when we struggle and fail to keep the commitments to ourselves.
Focusing on our internal commitments, will strengthen the external commitments we make to others.
If you like this preview of Hidden Treasures, check out other books in The Ember Within Series
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