Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Hidden Treasures - Day Seventeen

This month, we have reflected on the different variations of success in our lives. We have strived to view success with a new perspective. Success is like color with various hues, shades, and tones. This allows us to paint our brilliant work of art, of what we envision success to be. We are the master artists and architects of our lives. It is up to us, to determine what our life will be.

Today, let's take a few moments to study color pallets and architecture. Let us remind ourselves, how to be in awe of the beauty that is in our lives. Taking just a few moments out of our day to view the photographs around the world and the universe, puts our personal problems into perspective. Our moment of strife, is just a spec in time.

Like a raindrop, one by itself may not seem to have much value. Yet, to the thirsty blade of grass, it is lifegiving. The same applies to us. One small act of kindness may go unnoticed by us, but to the individual who is the recipient, it could be the brightest part of their day. 

As we all take time reading on social media and other information platforms, think back upon something that was written, which dramatically affected you day and lifted your spirit. It was as if it appeared magically before your eyes as a reminder of who you are. A small nourishing drop of hope.

As we go through our day, let us be mindful of what words come out of our mouth. Let us begin by being conscious of the words that form in our mind. Let us remind ourselves, that time is the ultimate equalizer. We are all given the same 24 hours in a day. It is up to us, how we choose to use it. It is up to us to determine how much time we spend in the pursuit of success, and what success means to us.

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Green leaf turning into fall colors of red and burgundy.

Fall leaf of yellow and brown.

Fall leaf with spots of red and dark purple.


As we reflect upon our success, daily we will explore our commitment to ourselves and what the goals we set. Taking time to write down what went wrong, what was a struggle, and what was a complete failure will help us to gain insight on how to overcome the times, when we struggle and fail to keep the commitments to ourselves.
Focusing on our internal commitments, will strengthen the external commitments we make to others.
If you like this preview of Hidden Treasures, check out other books in The Ember Within Series


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