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Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Sphere – A Plea From Beyond

Author note: I have had Sphere — A Plea from Beyond brewing in my mind for several years. 

Having written a draft of a few chapters, I came to realize more research was needed on the evolution of civilization, government, religion, deity, and societies. Thus, I put my writing aside and have spent the next few years reading both fiction and non-fiction works. This book brings to life, the visualization characters I share throughout my non-fiction writing. It felt time, to let them breathe.

The following are my thoughts for the opening of this book.

Sphere — A Plea from Beyond - Introduction

You do not know me, we will never have met... at least not in this realm in which you reside. But deep within you, it is my hope that as you read my words and listen to the plea of my voice something will resonate within you which speaks of a time long forgotten. A time before the mist of darkness covered your memories of our beautiful home where we lived in harmony and peace.  

I have placed these words in the only place I know which is safe from destruction. Any physical copies have long since been destroyed. Most electronic copies have also been found and destroy. But due to the vast expansion of where these are hidden throughout the universes, I have some confidence that a few will survive and be the source in which to give hope and save those who are in the path of annihilation for refusing compliance and servitude.

Those few of us warriors, which are left have scattered themselves across the expanse of time, in hopes that we can help guide. If you look deeply into our eyes, you will see a glimpse of the world in which we once lived. We are all grateful, they allowed us to keep this memory within us. That despite what we have become, deep within us there is still a purity of what we once were.

For our lives our not our own, we live to serve as we strive to save as many as we can. We no longer shed tears for the millions we could not save. We ask that you do not judge us to harshly for not being able to do so. When you have seen the amount of deaths and cruelty we have seen, our sanity to continue on required our hearts to be sealed in stone. As a warrior, we pay the price for you. It is us who stepped up and willingly put our hearts in the stone encasing. Hoping, in time we would live long enough to retrieve them once again. Hoping in time, there will be one who can gaze into our eyes and see who we once were and help us to bring that person out again. One who can help us unlock the stone casing and retrieve our hearts.

From the moment we sealed our hearts in the stone encasing, we were forever changed. We can fight the fiercest of our enemies without fear or hesitation. We have slaughtered millions to save billions from their cruel hands. We have seen the worst acts of atrocities and the kindest acts extended. If a tear escapes our eye, it comes from the later. From those who look upon us with gratitude, rather than fear. For those who still see us as living breathing beings, instead of the mechanics of destruction. We in essence died, so you could live.

We are not altruistic in our intent. We are as selfish as they come. We hunt to destroy those who destroyed our home, in hopes we can once again return to the life we remember so dearly. We sacrifice today, because we are fueled with the hope of a better tomorrow, for ourselves and those we love. With fierceness we face the worst and cause them to shake in fear. Without hesitation we move on, knowing our success will also extend our selfish desire to others, whose only desire is to live in peace and harmony.

There are many warriors around you. Some fight the physical fight, others fight with their intellect. The strongest of us, are the ones who fight to heal the warriors who fight physically. It is us, who have the coldest of hearts. For if we had compassion, we would not heal them to return to the horror we know they must face. When we cry, it is tears of stone which fall. With each healing, we beg their forgiveness. Yet, we heal. For if we do not heal, many more will suffer and perish. Our dream of returning home will perish without our healing these warriors. We heal as they take our hand and place it where their hearts once lay and look into our eyes, giving us the strength to heal them again... and again... and again.

The story I am to share, is just one of many which could be shared. As I write these words, it is my hope that they will fill your mind and heart. For it is there, that these stories are safe from being destroyed. Your thoughts flow to a higher collective where they are joined with others. Each piecing together the history which has long been forgotten, due to the destruction of our history and warnings which were written and meant to be passed through time and space. 

I am an imperfect being. I am filled with flaws. But I stand before you with my head raised. I stand tall and look you in your eye, as I have strived to do my best in the assignments and tasks I was asked to carry out. I raise my Shield of Hope and my Sword of Truth.

Who am I? I am The Blue Flame Warrior Woman, and I rise once more. Shall we begin?


Photo by Szabo Viktor on Unsplash

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