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Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

The Mark

Drawing a deep breath I felt the burn of the cold air go deep in my lungs. The night mist caused me to pull up the collar on my long black coat. I glanced at my watch marking the time. In the distance I saw headlights appear from around the corner. The timing was on mark. I watched the headlights travel down the road and make the turn into the gates that lead to a mansion in the distance.

Grabbing my binoculars I watched as the door to the mansion opened. She was wearing the red dress I had purchased her in Morocco. Her black hair blowing gently in the wind, caused memories to flood in. The warm nights as she lay in my arms listening to me whisper to her about the future we'd have together.

Her eyes glistened with excitement and she smiled. The famous smile that was known to capture every man’s heart. Even I, was not immune. The gentleman embraced her and quickly kissed her goodbye. Descending down the steps, he walked towards the limousine as the driver held open the door. 

I quickly shouldered my Ruger American 308 sniper rifle. Making my mark, I gently squeezed the trigger and watched through the scope as the bullet made its mark into his chest. His body slumped down onto the ground. A slight adjustment found my next mark. The limousine driver, still looking in shock, received a bullet to his head. 

The woman screamed and reached for her phone. Frantically, she dialed and began to beg for help. Watching her make the call, I smiled. I had to give her credit, she was convincing. The headlines will fill the front page of the newspapers. Social media will be flooded with the tragedy that has just unfolded. She will capitalize on this tragedy, to capture more eyes to focus on her. Her merchandise sales will soar. She had laid out the plan with great detail. I tilted my head, I did admire that in her. Not only was she beautiful, but she had a brilliant and devious mind. She was my kind of woman.

Quickly replacing the gun in its case, I shouldered it. Looking again at my watch, I awaited for the signal. As the seconds clicked by, I watched the second hand hit its mark and all the lights in the mansion went out. With all the security cameras disabled, I mounted my Ducati 1098 motorcycle and traveled down the hill to the mansion.

Upon arriving, the woman smiled. As I pulled up, she rushed down to greet me. I pulled off my helmet and dismounted. Grabbing her into my arms, I passionately kissed her and whispered, “You did good baby. Very convincing.”

She smiled as I released her. Taking out her phone she swiped her screen. I felt the vibration of my phone in my pocket and pulled it out. One million had been deposited in my account. She opened up her purse and handed me an envelope. "I did exactly what you asked. Your man drew them up yesterday. The charity you specified obtains everything upon his death.” 

Excitedly, she continued as she pressed herself closer to me. “Once you take him out baby, I’ll just a grieving penniless wife, swindled by her husband. You know babe, this man you just killed was just a toy for me. All I want, is to be with you. With my husband’s wealth, you’ll live a life of luxury that you’ve never known before."

She quickly put her hand on my chest. Leaning down I again pressed my lips to hers and we passionately kissed.  As the heat of her body increased, radiating her passion, I lifted my hand gun to her abdomen and fired two shots. Her eyes fluttered opened in confusion. I looked into her shocked eyes as I watched life go from them. A tear fell as her eyelids fluttered closed. 

Pressing her head to my chest, I whispered in her ear, "You look as beautiful tonight as you did the moment I laid eyes on you in Morocco." Gently I laid her down. Taking my knife out of my pocket, I stroked her hair before cutting a strand. Reaching in my pocket, I pulled out a small container and placed her hair inside. 

I looked down at the crumpled body. Her hair, still flickering in the wind. I watched her dress flutter in the wind exposing the beautiful legs she would wrap around my waist as we made love. Tenderly I caressed them one last time. “You were one of the best marks I’ve been with babe. Such a waste.”  I rip off a piece of her dress and hold it to my nose, breathing in her scent. Leaning down I gave her one last tender kiss as her last breath escaped her lips, I drew her soul into mine.

Pulling out my phone I snapped a photo and sent it. A code returned with a message. “Cheating bitch. The boss left you a bonus in the garage. 379483 will get you in.”

My phone vibrated again and a picture of a woman appeared on the screen. A woman with long flowing black hair and a sweet smile. Clearing my voice, I continued to stroke her hair in awe of her beauty. She was as if just asleep.

I answered the phone, 'Hey baby, I'm just wrapping up at the office. I'll be finished in about an hour. Did you get that paperwork completed that my man delivered to you?”

I listened as she rattled on about her and her husband's upcoming trip to Morocco. How he would be busy doing business, leaving us plenty of time alone. 

"I can't wait either, baby. I'll see you there. Let’s go shopping. I have the perfect shop I want to take you to. I think red is your color." I responded. Her squeal caused me to hold the phone away from my ear. I broke into her excited chatter, “I need to go now baby so I don’t miss the flight. I love you. Looking forward to our time together.” 

Standing up I walked back over to my motorcycle and gave the seat a pat before looking again at the time. Walking over to the garage I punched the code I had been given. The doors opened as I turned back to my bike. I once again stroke the seat. She had been a good ride. Straddling the bike, I fired it up and drove it into the garage and parked it into the designated space, next to the other 10 motorcycles in the collection. A whistled escaped my lips. 

Glancing at the collections of cars, my eyes dropped on the prize. Whistling at the beauty before my eyes, a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster worth $4.5 million. As I opened it's door, laying on the driver side seat was a briefcase. Flipping its clasps I opened the lid. One million in unmarked bills and a thank you note.

“A small token of appreciation. My man will be in touch if we ever need your services again.”


Looking around, I quickly found what I was looking for. One thing about these billionaires, they are self-sufficient. A full tank of gas conveniently allowing them to fill up the toys for a ride. Taking one last look at all the beauties I shook my head, “What a waste, but a job is a job.” I grabbed the pump and slit the hose. Gasoline began to pour out onto the floor.

Slipping behind the wheel of the Lamborghini, I started the car and took a moment to appreciate the purr of her engine as I watched the puddle of gas reach its mark. 

Pulling out the cigarette lighter, I held the flame, lit the piece of dress, and threw it onto the puddle of gas.

Revving up the engine, I squealed out of the garage. 

I had a fight to catch. 



An old writing I shared piece by piece on social media. It received quite a bit of attention and I am thinking of expanding it into a novel.


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