Carillu Series

Release Announcement

Froggie and Friends, the first book in the Carillu series, is now available on Amazon.

Co-authored with my daughter Amber Stevens and dedicated to my two special needs grandchildren.

Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

The Art of Defining Me

I'm really excited to release the first 30-Day Motivational Challenge that I released one year ago. This was my first introduction in the realm of social media. One year later I have almost 15k followers throughout my social media platforms. I am grateful to each and every individual who has commented, liked, followed, reposted and retweeted.

So what is 'The Art of Defining Me'. This workbook is one of the activities I did when I was trying to define and align myself into being the woman I desired to be, after leaving the cult. I took myself back to a blank white canvas state. I questioned everything. My book, 'Into the Mirror' goes more into this process.

I hope you'll enjoy this first motivational challenge. I am in the process of putting together 11 more, and working to release them for 2020.


Does what you desire always seem to be at your fingertips and just beyond your reach? Are you never able to grasp your desire and bring it to fruition?

There is an art to defining what one desires and to align with that desire. Carin Camen, author of Falling Silence guides you into The Art of Defining Me. Carin has written four books, in her Art of Defining Me Series. Falling Silence was published in 2019. It is her story of being born and raised in a cult, leaving and learning to live in a world she was raised to fear as evil. She shares the processes she developed to overcome life’s obstacles and challenges—and how she gained confidence in her ability to overcome. Into the Mirror—Books 2 will be published, winter 2019. She has scheduled the remaining two books to be released in 2020.

The Art of Defining Me a 30–Day Motivational Challenge is the first of twelve motivational challenges Carin has written. Carin is releasing her first motivational challenge on its anniversary of being released on her social media platforms. This motivational challenge explores the understanding of why one has emotional responses to life events. It is a journey into the depth of understanding who you are, who you’d like to be and how to develop a road map to guide your destination of becoming.

These released have been self-published on her ten-year anniversary of leaving the cult. Carin takes you step by step through going into a blank white canvas state. She guides you to be the master artist and architect, in defining who you are and what you desire to be. She intermingles this process into helping yourself obtain the self-discipline and motivation needed to refine who you are—as you align with what you desire. 

Delve deep within, as you learn The Art of Defining Me.

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