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The Art of Defining Me

So what is The Art of Defining Me? It is the name I have chosen to represent my memoir book series. It describe the journey into me discovering the beauty of who I am and the beauty of becoming what I desire to be. 

There is an art to becoming. To become we must first study and observe. Nature is where I find the greatest inspiration for becoming what I desire. It is through nature that I am in awe of the texture and colors that most will go throughout their day and not notice.

When I am behind the macro lens of my camera, I am in a zone in which words fail to describe the experience. I become one with nature. I shrink down to the smallest size of what I am viewing through the lens and become a part of the experience. It is as if I can run my hand across the delicate details and smell the finest scents they release. Throughout the seasons, the most intriguing photos are the ones which captures the flaws of what is being photographed. 

It is through this experience, when I step naked in front of a mirror, I see the beauty of who I am, despite all my imperfections and flaws. It has been in learning to love myself, imperfections and all, that I have discovered the art of loving another, imperfections and all.

My experience with my camera, has made me an observer of life and my surroundings. I watch others and am inspired by their determination to work through the challenges of life and overcome. They are glorious works of art. These are masterpieces. I often wonder if they know just how amazing they are.

We are each unique. There will never be another individual like us. We are a priceless work of art. Can we not see that? 

At first one may think those thoughts are egotistical. But is it not more egotistical to put on an attire of humility, in order to have others praise us for what is just a façade? The term ego often gets thrown out a lot, according to the dictionary, ego is:

    the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity.
    (in metaphysics) a conscious thinking subject.

Based on these two definitions, none of us would want to get rid of our ego. It is a vital part of our discovering who we are and our association with the world in which we live in. Yet, we often throw out that term, based upon another's interpretation or misinterpretation of the term.

Such is the art of becoming. Every master artist can learn techniques from others, but in the end they must be true to their own art style.

As I continue on learning the art of defining me, I look forward to observing your journey in the art of defining you. Let's create masterpieces which puts us both in awe of ourselves and the world around us.

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