Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Starting Over - Let No Tears Fall

Starting over is never easy, but I have always found that when a new direction lays before you, that valuable lessons can be learned. Over the past month, I lost almost 40k individuals who followed me, when I decided to leave Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

I look forward to engaging with those individuals who find me on the new social media platforms I am on, as well as new individuals. 

Recently I relocated again to a new state. I have lived in the north, south, east, and west parts of the United States. I am now in the heart of America. A new adventure begins.

Utilizing this new beginning is always a fascinating experience. It allows me to reflect on the failures I've experienced and the lessons learned. I am once again rebuilding my life. As I begin to rebuild my social media accounts, I don't regret the decision to take them down. It was a wise move for me to do so. It allows me to start with a blank slate and bring in fresh new ideas. There is no expectations of what I should be doing, based upon the past. I am free to explore.

Was it the smartest business decision? Probably not. Do I regret it? No. Do I recommend it? Absolutely not.

Had I reached out to associations on social media, they would have encouraged me to take a break, but to not shut everything down. Knowing what they would say, I didn't reach out to anyone. I made the decision and acted upon it.

With so much in life unclear in this moment of time, I have gained a new perspective about social media. I am more clear on my purpose and my intent as to why I am there. While I will use the platforms to promote my writing, I am there to bring a bit of light to a darkened world.

I do not profess to be profound. I only share what works for me, when the skies become dark. I share what I do to flame on and bring back the light to chase the darkness away.


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