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Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Greeting the Sun

I've always been an early morning riser, even in my teenage years. I used to laugh and say Cinderella at least had until midnight. I fade much sooner than midnight with my 4:30 am alarm. The morning is my favorite time of day. I naturally wake up with my mind firing ready to start the day. The electrical impulses shooting through my mind as it begins to execute the strategy for the day. For those who aren't early morning risers... I'd be exhausting. LOL

Headphones on, listening to my meditation playlist on Youtube, it is my favorite time of the day.


The city sleeps. It is quiet. When the weather is warm, I run. I love running when the city sleeps. It's something I picked up when talking with a friend, that I've incorporated into my life. There is an incredible experience stepping into the cool dark morning, headphones on and pushing your body to move when it would much rather be lying in bed snuggled under the covers. Mind over matter. Nothing occurs in the physical realm without it first occurring in the mental realm.

When it's cold... well... I guess I'll write. Sigh... Snuggled up in a robe with a blanket on my lap and a hot cup of green tea by my side. God, that makes me sound old. LOL Just know... I'll be hitting the cold basement gym when I finish this blog. 

The solitude of the morning aligns me. It is when I do my yoga and meditation. Rise and greet the sun, give thanks for all that I have around me. Embrace the journey and life's lessons. Move forward one step at a time.

Amazingly enough, the high energy that I have, has extended my day to now be able to stay up near midnight, giving me only a few hours sleep before my 4:30 am alarm goes off. I can't keep this up indefinitely, but it is good for a couple of days. Those couple of days are always extremely productive. When I'm excited about a project, the lack of sleep is tolerable. It's part of my drive and passion. It is who I am, and I've come to embrace me.

As I'm finishing up the last two days of Personality Power on Instagram, I have purposely not disclosed which type of personality I am. Driver, Expressive, Analytical and Amiable. I have not disclosed which I am, but rather instead, with every personality I've tried to emulate that personality type in my three, one minute videos that I do to introduce the day.

Since we are now near the end, for those who leave the world of IG and venture out into my blog, you'll get to find out what I am... other than just plane odd. LOL

I am a Driver personality who can put on the role of the other personality types when needed. Each personality type has remarkable attributes that I have tried to implement in my life. But the Driver personality is who I am. You know the one that is either admired or hated, there isn't an in between with us.

We are admired because of our drive, confidence, determination, focus, time management and results oriented. We are hated because of our drive, confidence, determination, focus, time management and results oriented. I have to tone my energy down quiet often. Sigh...

No one will ever have higher expectations of me, than what I set for myself. Always striving and reaching higher. There is an incredible fire within me that drives me. There is so much I want to see, do and experience in this brief moment in time. So much of my life I feel has been wasted and I'm playing catch up. I have a long bucket list that I'm determined to complete. So yeah... I can be exhausting. 

I don't like watching TV. I get bored with the commercials. Not into video games, but I do like Rock Band. I'm a horrible drummer, but that's what I enjoy most. I love to sing, but don't have the voice... so I spare everyone and put the microphone down. 

I'm at level 56 and will soon be at level 57. Isn't that a better way of explaining your age? Yup... the big Five Seven and proud of it. I've earned all 57 levels and I can say that I am a pretty strong Avatar, if I do have to say so myself. I work hard to stay strong with each increasing level. I don't take my health, eating and exercise habits for granted. Did I say that Drivers are loved and hated for their confidence, drive, determination and result oriented mindset?

I like that I'm increasing another level every year. Each level has it's own adventures that I embrace. It's always curious to me, what that level will unlock for me to become better and stronger than the previous year. A new adventure. I wonder what type of armor I'll be able to earn in this level. What beasts I'll have to fight and conquer to obtain a higher level of armor and weaponry to conquer life's challenges. What can I say. I don't play video games, but live with a bunch of sons who do. LOL

I'm single and in a long distance relationship. I live with my sons because I don't want to put down anchor. It'll be me who will eventually relocate. The American dream of owning a home, two cars in the driveway and six figure income I've experienced. Then I saw it all disappear with the crash of the US 2008 housing market and economy. 

They are now anchors to me. It's not what I want in my life anymore... except the six figure income again. The transition into a new career has had it's ups and downs. Remember, I'm a Driver and it's all about results. I've not obtained the results I desire. I set my expectations high. My mantra comes from Michelangelo.

"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark." Michelangelo

Like a long distance runner or swimmer I am focusing on one step forward, focusing on extending one more arm out to propel myself forward. My ultimate goal is to have my children, all adults now, laugh and ask each other if anyone knows where I'm currently at on this planet. To have them reach into their pockets as they shake their heads and say, "Well she told us she was determined to see the world, let me ping her and see where she's at." Thank goodness my family is highly skilled at using communication apps that allow us to stay close. We love technology and embrace it. Distance has never been an issue. In fact... we announce that dinner is ready through chat. Yes... we are Geeks and embrace it! 

As I have transitioned from learning to live outside of a cult environment, I studied personality types. As I have mentioned before, every aspect of my life I tore apart, questioned, researched and then determined what I wanted to define, "me". It has been a fascinating ten year journey. As challenging as the last ten years have been, I'm grateful for the experience. It has been very enlightening and rewarding.

I am a natural introvert, which can pull out the extrovert of the Expressive at will. I've had to learn that skill when my former career demanded it. My research has lead me to develop an analytical side. I love my ability to quickly fire back and forth from left brain to right brain work. I imagine my brain would look like electrical shards of energy shooting back and forth at lightening speed. I'm not saying I'm highly intelligent... just a lot of energy. What doesn't come easy to me, I study my rear end off, put in the longer hours, learn from my failures and never give up.

Discovery, Strategy, Design, Execute

I believe one of the reasons I enjoy the early morning so much, is because I am alone in my thoughts. The Amiable personality is the most present during this time of day. It is the time when I have to focus on me. The Amiable part of me, is my favorite because it is there that I am surrounded in a cloud of unconditional love and peace. Or... maybe it's the meditation music putting me in the "zone." LOL

This world of social media is relatively new to me. I always thought it to be a waste of time. It intrigues me now. Learning about the strengths of each social media platform they seem to all have their own persona. Twitter is the Driver. It is more of an in your face and let's make things happen platform. I like it!

Pinterest is the Amiable. A place where we all feel welcome and invited to just explore and share what we find interesting. That's a relax next to the fireplace and just enjoy dreaming time.

Instagram is the Expressive. A place of where we put ourselves out there to the world and say, "This is me!" IG has had an interesting learning curve for me. I wasn't expected it to be a glorified dating site. I can't complain though because that is where the individual I'm in a relationship with and I connected. I still laugh at how that occurred. I'm still amazed that we connect so well together. No... I'm not sharing. LOL

Facebook has become the Analytical, because we all are scratching our heads and trying to create a strategy on how to best use that platform or if it is time to close our account and move on. I rarely am on Facebook. 

As I begin to open myself up to this virtual world, I have loved engaging with individuals around the globe. I find them fascinating to know and I am honored that they find me interesting. We literally have the world at our fingertips. Friends, future relationships are available to us from around the world... if we are willing to sort through the scammers and impersonators. LOL

IG has been an adventure in and off itself. I'm really a nobody. Just a regular person with a irregular story. I'm just who I am. I am me. Love me, hate me it doesn't matter. I'll either be in your heart or head. I seriously don't think I'm important enough to be in either... but your choice. LOL

I've come so far... but I have so much further to go. I hope you'll enjoy the journey I am traveling, as I continue to learn how to live in a world that I was raised to fear as evil. Despite the news headlines, I am finding this world filled more with love, peace and harmony. It's all about focus and perspective.

Brrr... time to hit that cold basement gym. 

Exercise Accountability

  • 3 sets with 20 lb weights - Incline reverse lifts
  • 3 sets with 20 lb weights - Incline side swings
  • 3 sets with 20 lb weights - Incline hold
  • 100 calf raises with feet placement in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Ballet positions for a total of 700 calf raises with 20 lb weights.
  • 3 sets of Battle Rope exercises.
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