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Color Palette - 29

As you are selecting photographs from nature, be mindful of all the colors within the photo, not just the prominent ones. Pay attention to which colors are providing a beautiful background for the main colors. Look to see if there are small hints of color which you could utilize to scatter in visual interest. 

While a photograph is a flat surface, we still can see the layers which make up the dimensional design. Learning from nature, we can apply that in our décor for our business or home. Think about how to make a flat wall have visual interest through groupings of color and shapes. It is the often subtle differences which can make your business stand out amongst the competition. 

You may not have the budget as big brand stores, but don't let that discourage you. You'll have to be more creative and innovative. Explore miniatures in a craft store which can represent the idea you are looking for. The fun is in the exploration. Attend home shows, where general contractors pay interior designers to stage their homes. Go into big brand stores to get ideas of how they designed their interiors. Search Pinterest and create a board to gather your ideas. These can be private if you don't want them to be seen by the public.

In this color palette, the tints and shades of purple are beautifully showcased with the monochromatic colors of green. Hints of orange and rust are pulled from the anthers. What would this look like, if the colors were reversed? These are the type of explorations you'll want to try and consider.

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Color Palette 29. Purple and Green.



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