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Color Palette - 30

Let's add a bit of dramatic flare using a beautiful monochromatic blue color palette. In this color palette you are seeing how the blue stands out against a black background. While black is not normally associated with a popular wall color, I personally have seen it used and it is absolutely stunning. It is a bold wall color choice.

This is definitely a color palette you will want to do a prototype of. Let's explore it's potential. Visualize black walls, white ceiling, crown, molding, trim, and doors. Lighting, fixtures, and door/drawer handles in chrome or silver. This will provide a strong contrast which will also lighten the room up. 

Lightbulbs use a temperature rating of Kelvins (k.) The lower the temperature rating the more yellow the light emitted.. The higher the temperature rating the more bluer the light emitted. For lighting you will want to use a cool light white bulb of 4000k to 5000k. This light will be brighter and give off a slightly blue light. Or you'll want to use a daylight lightbulb of 6500k which mimics the midday sun. Lightbulbs which are call soft light have a rating of 3000k to 3500k which put out a yellow tone.

As you start to test out your color palettes, use different Kelvin light ratings. It is these subtle differences that most people will not know are being used, but will make a drastic difference in your overall presentation.

The most important thing to remember, is to have fun in your exploration of color.

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Color Palette 30. Blue monochromatic.


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