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Color Palette - 28

Evening can be an excellent time to research color palettes for businesses which are run in the evening and night hours. While initially your thought might question if this would make the business to dark, you can see how brighter color are pulled out and how they beautifully look with the darker shades of color. The use of silhouette can give a dramatic look to the décor.

Using a shadow box with an adjustable light, can help you see how your chosen color palette will look with different lighting. By experimenting on a smaller scale, it is easier to adjust and be more budget friendly. Depending on how extensive you do the color box, or if you create multiple color boxes, you can place them on the wall and ask for your customers to vote on their favorite. 

Maintaining a basic foundation, will allow you to freshen up the space with minimal cost. It will also encourage your customers to engage more with each other and with your business. You could also do a contest where the customer who picks the winner of what will be chosen as the favorite can win a prize.

Let's apply this concept to a bar. The more your customers engage with each other and stay, the reputation of the bar is naturally promoted through word of mouth. If you extend this out to your social media, you can draw in new customers out of curiosity to the contest and interest in winning.

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Color Palette 28. Night sunset colors of blue and orange.

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