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Color Palette - 27

Now that you have a better understanding of the terms hue, tints, tone, and shade; you'll start to look at colors in a new perspective. This new confidence will allow you to explore in more detail, allowing you to create a trend instead of chasing trends. Because a total redesign can be costly, consider doing a shadow box display of an updated color palette in a prominent position where your employees can hear the comments. 

If you are selling clothing, your window display or main mannequin display could showcase the color trend you are wanting to test out. Sells of the merchandise will let you know if you have connected with your customer. Once you have tested our your color theme hypothesis, you can extend it out to other areas of your merchandise. 

Being willing to test out color palettes, will keep your store fresh with ideas to draw in consumers. If you set a schedule to release a new color palette, your customers will look forward to that day. You can utilize this day to create a sale. You can extend this as part of your social media promotion. Who knows, maybe you'll even start to trend on social media.

Exploring with color, allows you to always keep your business as being one who is innovative in their approach and desire to encourage your customers to express their thoughts and opinions. By understanding tints, tones, and shades, you'll know when to introduce your color palettes to get the most response from your customers.

This color palette cools things down after a hot summer and can get people excited about your new fall apparel line. If you have utilize the grey monochromatic color palette as your base, you can see how you could quickly change things up throughout the year.

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Color Palette 27. Fall greys, blues, and browns.
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