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Color Palette - 19

When looking for inspiration online, you can get the exact color you are looking at by getting an color picker extension for your browser. This will give you an eye drop icon. When you select the icon you can hoover it over any color on screen. It will give you the different color numbers in hex or RGB, depending upon which one you choose. Most of these are free.

By using a browser color picker, you can pick a color palette from any photograph you find online. This gives you a very robust selection to choose from. As you can see with this color palette, I chose only six colors, but there are many more which could be pulled from this palette.

Pulling out additional colors, you could use this palette with wall walls to deep brown walls, depending on your preference. White walls with dark wood flooring would create a clean canvas for you to add the different colors shown for furniture, décor, and wall hangings.

Going with a darker paint color, you can brighten the room with lighter tile flooring, furniture, and wall hanging with light color matting. 

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Color Palette 19. Green and blues.



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