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Color Palette - 18

We often think of greys as being cool tone. Nature shows us how greys also come in a warm tone and can provide a beautiful background for other colors. Cool tone greys usually create a more formal feeling, where warm tone greys can give a feeling of calmness. 

Go to a paint store and you'll see that both their warm and cool tone paints have all the colors . When you compare two paint chip cards of the greys, you'll start to see the difference between the warm and cool tones. The warm tone greys and black will have a little more yellow in them. The cool tones will have more blue. 

If you've found a color palette you enjoy, go in to the store and find a color chip card which matches close to your photograph. It is worth getting a small sample jar of the paint. An inexpensive way to see how the paint will look on a wall, is to purchase a pad of canvas paper. Apply a base and then the paint color after the base has dried.

You can then tape these palette papers up on the wall to step back and see how they will look. Often times you can purchase one ceramic tile, or one plank of wood flooring. Place these on the floor with the painted canvas paper above it. Step back and study the look under different lighting. Natural, morning, afternoon, evening, iridescent and soft light.

In this color palette, nature has used the greys as the main backdrop. This highlights the fall leaf colors. Using this as inspiration, you can see how easily you can change the look of a room with any color. This allows you to keep the cost down, while updating the room as many times throughout the year as you desire. This color palette would be able to be changed out every month.

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Color Palette 18. Blues and natural brown tones.

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