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Color Palette - 14

Color is divided into two categories, cool and warm. Every color can be in both. The difference between which a color falls into, is determined by the amount of yellow or blue. Yellow creates a warm color palette. Blue will create a cool color palette.

Once you understand warm and cool color palettes, the world of color opens up to you. The most important rule, is to not cross palettes. If you do, something will feel off. Greys are considered one of the neutral tones, which are... inside their warm or cool color palette.

When you look at this palette, you'll see there are greys and blacks. Looking closers now that you understand warm and cool theory, you can see the yellow within them. Whether it is a business choosing fixture color, or personal choosing white or yellow gold, you can use both metal colors. The gold will accentuate the yellow palette, the white will be an accent giving a cleaner reflection of the palette.

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Color palette 14. Yellow and browns.

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