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Color Palette - 15

Going with a bright or strong color palette, take a lot more planning to ensure you are not overwhelming a customer when they walk into the door. The last thing you want is for them to have to leave their sunglasses on inside of your store. 

Planning for a bright color palette will take into consideration longevity of the colors being chosen. There are some colors which are just a fade for the season and soon become outdated. If you are not sure how long certain colors will remain in fashion, use them sparingly and easy to replace.

This color palette can easily go from being a bright/strong palette to one more subtle, depending on which colors you use for your main color. For a restaurant, imagine the walls in the brighter blue. Columns throughout the restaurant in the bright yellow. The seating in the bright orange. Flooring in the darker colors.

Now switch it up using the three lower brown colors. Using the blues as accents. Each of the uses for this palette, invites a different feel to the restaurant. The first being more lively and active. 

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Color palette 15. Orange and blues. 

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