Book Review - Retrograde - Peter Cawdron

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Retrograde book coverPeter Cawdron is one of the authors I enjoy reading because of his diversity in his novels. Each novel gives me an opportunity to step into a new world that Peter has created. Retrograde, was an excellent and thought provoking read of balancing the discovery of new life and the fight for survival.

I appreciated the flaws and struggles that Peter creates in his characters, which provide a realistic experience. These provide a relatable experience that makes one ponder about one's own choices. While Retrograde is a fictional piece, the philosophies and human interaction can be related into one's own life. It is an enjoyable read with depth.

Thank you for writing this piece. I always appreciate the depth of your research to create realistic worlds in a fantasy setting. Your books provide an element of reflection to one own's life, which I have always appreciated.

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