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Book Review - Wayfinding Series (Books 1-7 and Food and Fitness) - Hugh Howey

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Wayfinding Series book 7    Wayfinding Series Food and Fitness

Hugh Howey's Wayfinding series isn't his highest seller, which in my opinion is a loss to every reader who enjoys this author. It is in this series that you get to know the author on a deeper level. Hugh shares his innermost thoughts of his introspective journey as he sails around the world. I recommend that you read the entire series.

We often look at what Hugh shares online and think it's all fun and games. The Wayfinding series, shares the reality of sailing and the daily struggles one goes through physically and emotionally. It is in his journey around the world, that Hugh gives you access to his fears, insecurities and struggles. He is known for showing the world who he is, Wayfinding takes that concept and expands introspectively. 

Some of his philosophies may challenge you to think about your own. Whether you agree with him or not, isn't what's important. It's all about embracing the journey that he invites you to participate in.

Thank you Hugh for letting us be a part of your travels around the world. Your willingness to share personal insight and struggles in your Wayfinding journey helps to give hope in overcoming the storms of life, when the waves comes crashing down around you. 

While I enjoyed reading this series, I would thoroughly enjoy having this series undergo a rewrite with retrospective thoughts as you conclude your travels.

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