Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Hidden Treasures - Day Twenty-Eight

Seasons of time, create memories which travel with us along our journey in life. The experiences we carry with us can be like wings and help us fly, or they can be as if we have a backpack filled with rocks, making the journey more difficult. The choice is our to determine what each season of life will be.

Nature shows us, the beauty of each season. It gently reminds us that every season has its unique attributes for us to enjoy... if we choose to. Every season has a harvest if one is to look into how to enjoy the harvest of the season. At first one may question that statement, when the term 'harvest' is only associated with planting something in the ground, nourishing it to grow, reaping the harvest, and eating what was planted. 

Yet, if we will expand our thoughts about harvest, what do we enjoy in each season from the efforts we put in? Can we go beyond the dictionary definition of harvest and apply it figuratively in our lives? 

By doing so, we are then in a position where we can explore the harvest of each season of life. A season may last a few months, a few years, or even a few decades. A season in life, may appear initially to be a season of drought or a season of rainfall. 

Each season gave us an abundance of experiences which help us to navigate life's path. Did we carry the experience harvest of the season like a weight, or did we find value even in the hardest and most painful experiences, to allow those experience to help us understand ourselves and the choices we make, due to the experience. Are we a better person, despite the harm caused by another... because we choose not to let their poor choice of action in one season of our life control the rest of the seasons of our lives?

Gaining insight to oneself through every experience we encounter, is a tipping point of who we choose to be and to become. By choosing to not allow a poor choice of another to define who we are, we are empowered. When we give up our choice to determine who we are and what our life will be, to another who is making poor choices with the intent to cause harm, then we are as if, giving them control over our current and future life. Why give someone else that much power over us?

Today, let's reflect on how we can learn from the harsh experiences of life, to help us gain wisdom on how to avoid repeating the experience. Let's take a moment to study our history so we can steer our lives away from repeating the mistakes of yesterday, but instead, learning from them so we can continue to move forward with improving our lives with hope of a brighter future. 

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Dried fall leaf on a blue stem.

Brown flower stem with remnants of a flower.

Fall leaves.


As we reflect upon our success, daily we will explore our commitment to ourselves and what the goals we set. Taking time to write down what went wrong, what was a struggle, and what was a complete failure will help us to gain insight on how to overcome the times, when we struggle and fail to keep the commitments to ourselves.
Focusing on our internal commitments, will strengthen the external commitments we make to others.
If you like this preview of Hidden Treasures, check out other books in The Ember Within Series


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