Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Hidden Treasures - Day Five

When life get hectic, we tend to ignore the small details of life which make life beautiful. A friendly nod or smile can brighten the day. A kind word of encouragement or appreciation can help lift a spirit. A small gesture of holding the door for the person behind. We often think these are small gestures which don't make a difference... yet they do.

When you think about yourself, what small gestures do you do for you? What small acts of kindness to yourself help you push forward with a little more strength? When you are feeling down, what words of encouragement flow through your thoughts?

As we reflect upon the past events in our lives, we may be surprised to find the small details that appeared insignificant by another, are significant to us. A stranger, who spoke kind words when we were having a hard day. The impact on our lives, by the small details others have shared can be quite profound. Yet, to them the most likely will not recall. They most likely would just blow it off as an everyday occurrence.

Isn't it fascinating how a small detail can be so impactful in one life and so insignificant in another? Never underestimate the impact we can make in this world with small acts of kindness, done on a consistent basis. Let it become a part of who you are. Breathe it in and give it life to become so natural, you no longer think about it. 

Today, lets take a moment to explore the hidden treasures which can be found in the small details around us.

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As we reflect upon our success, daily we will explore our commitment to ourselves and what the goals we set. Taking time to write down what went wrong, what was a struggle, and what was a complete failure will help us to gain insight on how to overcome the times, when we struggle and fail to keep the commitments to ourselves.

Focusing on our internal commitments, will strengthen the external commitments we make to others.
If you like this preview of Hidden Treasures, check out other books in The Ember Within Series


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