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Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

The Ember Within - 30 Day Transformation Courses

The Ember Within Transformation Courses
Within each of us, we have an ember within, which fuels our drive to push forward through the challenges life places in our path. It is when we seem to be faced with the impossible, that we blow this ember to life, and transform as we  become masters at failing to fear. 
Change begins in the mind. Until we transform our thought patterns, we'll continue to struggle to apply the actions required, to reach our goal and objectives we have set for ourselves. Thoughts create emotions which engage the body. 
What is the link between thought and emotion?
Thoughts and emotions are a flip of a coin. Thoughts create emotions and emotions create thoughts. Both effect action.
When we think a certain thought, it triggers a cascade of reactions in the brain that can lead to an emotional response.
Conversely, when we experience an emotion, it can also trigger a chain of thought processes in the brain. Understanding how these two states interact with each other is key to gaining insight into ourselves and others. 
Do you naturally tend to think negative thoughts about yourself or others when faced with something unfamiliar and challenging? Unhelpful thinking patterns can be a major obstacle in our lives, preventing us from achieving our goals and leading us to negative outcomes. To break out of this cycle, we must first dive within to understand why we naturally tend to react a certain way.

The Ember Within 30 Day Transformation Courses
Are you struggling in your relationships? Is your team struggling to work collaboratively together? Behind the pretty posters displayed at work, is there an underlying feeling of distrust?
The Ember Within courses can be used by individuals, teams, and organizations to help define and align with the goals and objectives you desire to reach. By understanding your quick reaction to what is placed before you, you can then explore methods on how to change or improve.
The result, is the strengthening of the relationship with ourselves, leading to better personal and professional relationships.

The Ember Within 30-Day Courses

Defining Thoughts Reflection from Within - Defining Thoughts helps you gain clarity to the self-defeating behaviors which have held you back from achieving what you desire by focusing on 30 key values.
  • Print | Kindle 
  • E-Learning - Coming Spring 2023
    Define and Align Affirmations of Empowerment - Define and Align helps you to reset your mindset by deprograming your negative thought patterns through 30 days value affirmations.
    • Print | Kindle 
    • E-Learning - Coming Spring 2023

     STEPS to Success Workbook - STEPS to Success Workbook, takes you step by step through the goal setting process to Simplify, Thrive, Evolve, Persevere, and Succeed.

    • Print | Kindle 
    • E-Learning - Coming Spring 2023


    The Ember Within courses and can also be included with my consulting services.


    Consulting services prices are determined by the scope of the project. They are set up based on the client's need. Consulting can also extend to include hands on deliverables. Minimum consulting length is one month, with fee paid in advance. Contact me to schedule your initial consulting interview.

    Exclusive Consulting

    Exclusive Consulting Services

    Services are for individuals who want to take their goals and projects to the next level.  

    • 30 Day Coaching
    • Weekly one on one video coaching sessions
    • Establish 30-Day Goal
    • Breaking goal down into an action plan
    • Daily engagement for questions and accountability through email and chat
    • And more

    White Board Brief Example 01: 

    • Type: Non-Profit
    • Consulting Service: Setting up live, video, and e-learning course.  

    White Board Brief Example 02:

    • Type: Single Owner Business
    • Consulting Service:


    Team Mentoring Consulting

    Team Mentoring Consulting Services 

    Services offers everything in the Exclusive Consulting Services. Plus, I help take teams to the next level by addressing:

    • Team Building
    • Team Conflict and Resolution
    • New Team Member Transition Phases
    •  And More



    White Board Brief Example 01: 

    • Type: Global Enterprise
    • Consulting Service: Evaluate team dynamics and systems, provide recommendations for improvement, set up recommendations, train team on use of new systems and procedures.  

    White Board Brief Example 02:

    • Type: Enterprise
    • Consulting Service: Observe User Experience Design and IT Teams, Recommend systems to and processes to increase productivity and collaboration.


    Organization Consulting

     Organization Consulting Services  

    Services offers everything in the Exclusive and Team Mentoring Consulting Services. I have worked from small one person startups to large global enterprises to help them with their systems training and to develop new processes and systems to help their teams become more united and productive.    



    White Board Brief Example 01: 

    • Type: Startup
    • Consulting Service: Complete rebrand, research competition and current trends, deliver new UX and UI, set up marketing systems.


    For more information about my expertise please visit Carin Camen Portfolio.

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