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Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Worlds Without End Lie Deep Within

Worlds Without End Cover

For someone who has written five books on learning how to create self-discipline in order to overcome procrastination... well... I must confess. I've been procrastinating. I understand why... fear. I understand my fear... failure. I understand the benefit of failure... I'm going to learn so much in the process that it's going to be phenomenal.

And yet... I have procrastinated releasing my fiction pieces. Why? Oh yes, I know what too.

  • Many of these characters in the stories evolved from my visualizations which I share in my books Falling Silence and Into the Mirror. While I have known they deserved to step out of my mind and into worlds of their own, I wondered if giving them life, would distract from what I teach.
  • I haven't been sure my writing skills were ready for fiction writing. Non-fiction writing is easy for me. 
  • Fear... fear of having another failure. While I learn so much from my failures, it's still nice to have successes.

As I look at my author shelf and see the books I have written, there hasn't been an abundance of sales. Strangely enough, it doesn't bother me too often. Ten books line my shelf. Most would have quit after one. I read my books every year. I love what I write and I don't control whether others will.

I have written the books which I have lived for over a decade. I have written the books of thoughts which have kept me going after I left the cult and had to learn to live in a world that I was raised to fear. I have written books about hope in overcoming. Memoir, motivational, poetry, and children's books greet me every morning. I smile as I think about the fiction books which will soon be on that shelf.

Regardless of sales, the benefit of being a self-published author is I can keep publishing and setting those books on my shelf. Till my dying breath, I'll write. I know the more I write the more I will improve. In a digital world, editing is never finished. As my evolution continues, so will my books.

I have twenty short stories I've written over the past several years, for the "one day" when I decided to release them. 2022 is the year. Two books with ten short stories in each. Worlds Without End Lie Deep Within will be a ongoing collection. I haven't decided whether I'll tackle a full length novel. For now, I'm enjoying writing my short stories and intermingling them. Each has their own story and they give reference to others characters in other stories. 

I'll still be releasing books for The Ember Within series. I'll still release some more poetry books. To be an author, I am embracing the journey of exploring this world of writing. I don't claim to be profound. I just share my evolutionary journey into discovering the possibilities which lie within me.

I extend my hand and invite you to join along. Take your first step with me by enjoying what I have already released. https://author.to/AmazonCarinCamen

Shall we begin?

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