Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

To Bot or Not To Bot

There are times in life, when you need to step back and look at the direction you are taking, with a new set of eyes to gain a new perspective about the direction you are taking. In April, I decided to take down my books from Amazon, and rethink my writing approach. Book sales had pretty much flat lined. Social media was more of a time consumer, than a marketing approach. As Einstein stated, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results." 

To avoid insanity, I figured it was time for introspection, regarding why I write and how I am marketing my writing. In the end, the answers remained the same.

  1. I write for the love of writing.
  2. I totally suck at marketing my writing... sigh.

I've never claimed my motivational writing to be profound. What I share are introspective journeys I have taken and continue to take as I strive to navigate my way through life. What intrigued me, was the challenge and adventure in learning how to marketing writing. If I excelled at marketing my writing, and sales didn't follow, I still will writing. I love looking at the books on my shelf that I have written. It is a beautiful accomplishment, which I plan to expand upon.

The choice was now to make. I could sit down and whine or I could be proactive and research ways to expand my writing and marketing. Time will pass either way. The choice is mine to make on how I utilize the passing of time.

I am confident I am not the only one feeling as if the world we live on has become a foreign place, in which we don't recognize as "home." Giving up would be easy. But then we would just be sitting on life's path's whining and complaining about life. Time would go by, and then we would whine about how much time we wasted when we decided to get back up and continue our journey.

I've determined, it was time for a new adventure. My adventure for May, has been to find new methods for sharing my writing. I have been studying e-learning. Writing an e-learning course has been its own challenge and reward. I have enjoyed the journey. I am also learning about bots. Oh yes, those dreaded bots which we all have grown to despise. They however, are not going away. I have also found them to be beneficial.

Where most platforms condemn bots, Telegram embraces them. I have found them to be extremely beneficial by allowing me to focus my writing in one place... my website... and then have my blogs auto posted to Telegram. This has freed up a tremendous amount of time, enabling me to become more focused on my writing and learning.

What does all this mean for you? The benefit of being a motivational author, is that I share what I am learning along the way. I am currently working on creating e-learning tutorial courses. One course will be on Telegram and how to utilize the power of bots.

I have finished creating a bot for all of my blog posts. If you would like to see them in action, come follow me on Telegram.


Photo by Alison Wang on Unsplash  

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