The Art of Defining Me Workbook

I un-published my book, The Art of Defining Me and have been doing a complete rewrite of it. My editor was gracious enough to tell me the cold hard facts, "Carin, you can do much better than this. MUCH BETTER." 

It's why I use her as my editor. She knows and believe in my capabilities and helps to hold me accountable to those capabilities. I'm grateful to her.

The new release will not be in a 6 x 9 book format. It won't be available for ebook. It will be in a A4 print workbook format only. It is a workbook that shares with you the process that I took to take myself to a blank canvas state and deprogram myself from the cult blueprint. The process of becoming the master architect to rebuild myself. To be the master artist and to create the woman I desired to be. Stroke by stroke of the brush on the canvas.

It will be this format that I will use for The Ember Within series. These are my thirty day motivational posts. 

I'm excited about this new direction. Excited to be back into InDesign to format this workbook. Another step in my journey as an author. Another moment too once again reflect on how far I've come... with hope of rising once more.

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