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Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

The Time Factor

Watches floating in the sky.

Time... we are are given the same amount of time. It's up to us to determine how we use it. Time is the ultimate equalizer. Twenty-four hours is allotted to each individual. It does not favor or discriminate. 

There are those who can magically transform the allotted time you are have been given. You are no longer in that moment in time, but have been transported into another dimension where time no longer exists. The world you know has disappeared, and for a few moments in time, you exist in a new world, created by another's hands. It may be a world you desire to remain, or a world you know you should flee, but are trapped within its bounds as you turn the next page in anticipation.

These magical beings are called authors. We warp time into an illusion and transform a singular moment into the past or future. We take minutes and manipulate them into years and decades. We command time, with every key stroke we've written.

If you're going to read, it needs to be worth your time.

If you're going to write, you need to make it worth the readers time.

This is the vision and statement I say before I sit down to every writing session. Then I ask...

Why am I writing?

Why should a reader read what I am about to write?

Until I can answers those two questions, I don't begin. These two questions answer my purpose and intent. I'm not famous. I don't proclaim to be profound. I do however, know how to reset a self-destructive mindset and face your fears. As odd as it may sound, coming from an author, I don't care if my books are top sellers. Being a top selling author isn't where my focus is. If what I write impacts one person's life for the better, then my books have served their purpose. I share hope, one word at a time.

One may then ask, why I am striving to reach 100k followers on Twitter, if it isn't to increase my book sales. It is for the pure challenge that creates an adrenaline flow through my body which stimulates my writing mind.

To obtain 100k individuals, will require me to continually refine my writing. It will challenge me to market myself to where others see value in following me. That value will come when my writing causes one to think and take action to better their lives. My value will come, when I share how to break down complex goals into achievable results. When we help another achieve their goals, our goals are naturally achieved. 

When I look upon my bookshelf at the eleven books I have written, I have succeeded as an author. I have succeeded in breaking the barrier of fear, and no longer fearing failure. I have succeeded in writing in four different genres and entering a third. Memoir, motivational, poetry, and children's illustration. this year, I step into fiction. As my eyes scan my books, I smile. Most will never know what it took and what challenges I went through while writing those eleven books. 

When I want to give up, I look at these books on my shelf. Time stands still for a moment as I am reminded how much I've overcome to be able to be where I am today. To quit now, would take away from the accomplishments of the person I was, and betray the person I will be. 

In a few short minutes, let's step back in time and let me share what I have overcome to be able to have eleven self-published books sit on my shelf.

  • At 48, I left a cult I was born and raised in and had to learn how to live in a world I was raised to fear.
  • While I had graduated from high school, compared to this new world I was entering, I had a 6th grade education.
  • I had to heal from abuse and brainwashing.
  • I felt as if my entire life was false.
  • I questioned every thought and action, to ensure I wasn't still being influenced by a lifetime of cult teaching.
  • When I entered college, I was the oldest person in class.
  • I was the age of the other student's mothers.
  • I was backwards, socially awkward, shy, and scared to death.
  • These students had more life experience in this new world that I did.
  • Every waking moment, I was studying.
  • Took advantage of every free tutorial service out there to try and catch up.
  • While working on my degrees, my ex came back for my children.
  • My eldest son was paying for the attorney to keep his brothers from having to return to the cult.
  • I was taking the maximum workload in school and getting special permission to take more classes.
  • I would come home from school, cook dinner, and then start answering the attorney's email before spending the rest of the evening doing homework.
  • In the end, we ran out of money, my ex took my youngest sons. My oldest sons had to move away for work.
  • My son eventually convinced his father to let him raise his brothers.
  • My ex agreed... as long as I had no contact with my sons.
  • For three years I remained out of my sons life to keep them out of the cult.
  • It was during my school break when I lost all hope.
  • I tried to kill myself.
  • When I woke up in the hospital, I vowed it was time to take my life back.
  • When I went back to school, no one knew about my life. I stayed focused on my schooling.
  • While in school, I have slept in a church parking lot and used their restroom to clean up for a job interview.
  • I have slept underneath a light in a 24/7 grocery store parking lot to stay safe with a bottle of water and some fruit to eat.
  • I have slept on the couch of new friends in between semesters.
  • I studied math and took every free online exam I could get my hands on so I could pass the entry math test.
  • I passed and was able to get into intermediate math level classes.
  • I took advantage of the colleges free tutor program and was tutored every night.
  • I took advantage of my professors tutor hour.
  • I graduated with a MS in Human Computer Technology and BFA in Graphic Design.
  • What should have taken 6 years to complete, I did it in four.
  • I have worked in large corporations, small startups, and non profit organizations.
  • I have clients who praise and love my work, and I have been fired because the team found me odd to work with.
  • When I released my first book, Falling Silence, shit was literally raining down around me from the upstairs apartment toilet linking.
  • I still pushed that release button and broke my silence about the cult.
  • I have been stalked and had death threats.
  • I have moved twelve times in twelve years.
  • I have written and self-published eleven books in three years.
  • I am now surrounded with my children who are now all adults and three grandchildren.
  • I have lived in their homes and have gotten to know them as adults while I was in between employment and consulting work.
  • I own my own business and do consulting work for a non-profit to help teach entrepreneur skills to inner city youth.
  • I have three years of books in queue to be self-published.

If you want to improve on how to handle rejection, become an author. Authors take failure and rejection, learn the lessons they teach, and apply it to improve. 


The Art of Defining Me Series


The Art of Defining Me series is my memoir where I share how I've overcome the challenges placed on my path. 


Falling Silence book cover

Falling Silence - I break my silence about the cult. It's long, it's ugly, it's not for the faint of heart. In this extended version, I share my thoughts about writing my first book and the struggles I was going through as I learned how to fit in and be accepted while striving to keep my former cult life a secret.





Into the Mirror book cover.

Into the Mirror -  Upon request, I share my visualizations and processes to overcome the cult's brain washing and to take my life back as I worked towards becoming the woman I desired to be.






Doors of Deception book cover.

Doors of Deception - Upon request, Doors of Deception focuses on my story. At the end of each chapter I share a love letter of hope, to help stimulate ideas and thoughts on how to discuss traumatic events in one's life.






The Ember Within Series


This series contains the STEPS to Success program I have taken a decade to refine. There are three workbooks and two thirty-day motivational challenges. As demand arises, I will release the three year queue of motivational challenges I have ready.

STEPS to Success Workbook

When I am asked which of my eleven books I would recommend someone read, my answer will always be STEPS to Success Workbook.

In this book I take you step-by-step on how to understand goal setting, and to set up your goals to succeed. 

In thirty-days you'll develop a broader understanding of how to develop self-discipline and self-motivation. At the end of the book, there are two goal setting practice sessions. 



STEPS to Success Toolbox book cover.

Once you understand how to implement the STEPS to Success program into your personal goals, I have two guided journals to assist you. The STEPS to Success Toolbox was introduced at the end of the workbook. In this guided goal setting journal you'll reflect on what is the true meaning of success, while you're working on your monthly goal.




STEPS to Success Journal book cover.

For the creatives out there, goal setting doesn't have to be strictly left brain work. In the STEPS to Success Journal, you have motivational quotes to guide you through each day and keep your right brain stimulated.





Goal setting is about understand your strengths and weaknesses as you continue to develop self-discipline and self-motivation. These next two book go through thirty core life skills to help you reset your mindset.

Define and Align Affirmations of Empowerment book cover.

Define and Align Affirmation of Empowerment is a thirty-day guide to help you reflect on your internal communication. Spending thirty-days learning to understand yourself, helps to empower you with self-confidence in challenging yourself to go to the next level.





Defining Thoughts

Defining Thoughts compliment Define and Align. These two books can be implemented at the same time, as they go through the same thirty core life skills. With Defining Thoughts  you'll focus on what thoughts you entertain in your mind. The first topic is Attitude. Throughout the day, you'll focus on your attitude, what effects your attitude, what triggers you encountered, and how to improve your emotional reaction to what life places on your path. 


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