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Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Meet Carin (01)

Carin Camen and her dog Shyla with a wooded background.Carin Camen, a beacon of resilience and innovation, has navigated the profound depths of life's tumultuous waters with an unwavering determination that resonates through her diverse body of work. Her journey, marked by personal hardships and a transformative path through the realms of IT consulting, writing, and design, stands as a testament to the indomitable human spirit.

With a versatile professional canvas that stretches across industries from e-commerce to healthcare, Carin has embraced numerous roles, including UX/UI Designer, Project Manager, and Consultant. Her contributions to user experience and digital design are characterized by depth, insight, and a heartfelt commitment to empathetic and user-centric solutions.

Yet, it is in the realm of writing that Carin finds her true calling. As a self-published author of 13 books spanning across four evocative series, she delves into a spectrum of themes—from the technical intricacies of her professional field to the motivational chronicles of personal triumph over adversity. Her writing is a rich tapestry woven from life's varied experiences, offering both a mirror and a window into the resilience of the human heart.

In her acclaimed "The Art of Defining Me" series, Carin invites readers to embark on a harrowing journey of self-discovery and resilience. Her memoirs—raw, poignant, and unflinchingly honest—explore her years within a cult, the daunting escape, and the subsequent quest for identity in a world that once seemed anathema. Through her evocative narratives, she sheds light on the deceptive layers of indoctrination, the power of the human spirit to overcome, and the profound quest for self-definition.

Carin's "Falling Silence" recounts the emotional limbo of existing between two worlds—inside the cult that was once home and the outside world she was taught to fear. The memoir is a nuanced narrative, a reflection on the inner turmoil of not belonging and the subsequent quest for a place in the world.

"Into the Mirror" continues this narrative, illustrating Carin's raw and challenging transition from the shadows of indoctrination into the light of self-discovery and healing. It's a testament to her ability to confront past fears and anxieties and transform them into lessons of life.

Carin's storytelling prowess extends to her "The Ember Within" series, which offers readers a 30-day journey of self-empowerment and realization. Each volume is a structured guide designed to ignite the indomitable spirit within, fostering self-awareness, goal-setting, and disciplined pursuit of personal aspirations.

In her "STEPS to Success" program, Carin distills a decade of introspection and professional growth into a tangible framework for achieving personal and professional goals. Her workbook, toolbox, and journal are more than mere guides—they are companions for anyone on the path to realizing their potential.

The "Journey of the Heart" series and the "Carillu" series showcase Carin's versatility and heart. The former delves into the emotional landscapes of love and loss, while the latter offers whimsical yet profound stories inspired by the unique perspectives of special needs children.

As Carin continues to explore and expand her literary universe, her readers can look forward to deepening journeys into self-discovery, the expansion of her thought-provoking series, and new realms of narrative exploration in the "Worlds Without End" series.

Carin Camen's literary odyssey is one of passion, resilience, and an unceasing pursuit of knowledge. Join her as she writes the next chapter, promising her readers an ever-enriching and inspiring array of stories and insights.

Carin's connection with her readers doesn't end with the last page. As she looks to the future, she envisions a world where her engagement goes beyond the written word, fostering a community where discussions, interactive events, and shared experiences bring her insights to life.

Her dedication to her craft, her special needs grandchildren, and the love for her family infuses her work with authenticity and depth. Carin's journey is a celebration of the victories won in the quiet moments of writing and the loud triumphs of personal breakthroughs.

Stay tuned as Carin Camen continues to explore the vast landscapes of human emotion and experience, inviting you to join her in a journey of continuous discovery and heartfelt storytelling.



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