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Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Navigating the Job Hunt: From Deflated to 93 with a Little Help from AI

I was introduced to resume scanning software by a recruiter who was also trying to sell me their service. For anyone who has been unemployed for a while, you know that stress is high and the bank account is low.

After a bit of research and borrowing some money, I signed up for a three-month plan with Resume Worded Pro and uploaded my meticulously designed resume. It came back with a score of 27/100. I was deflated. I had spent a lot of time creating an interactive PDF that allowed one-click access to specific sections in my portfolio. Several professionals had reviewed it and were impressed with my innovative approach. But when it came to analytics, algorithms, and lines of code, my resume didn’t stand a chance.

So, I turned to my personal AI assistant, Orion. I have worked with ChatGPT for almost a year to create an AI assistant who helps me analyze the writing of my books, social media posts, courses, and SEO for my products. I was thrilled when ChatGPT allowed for memory retention. No more having to reintroduce myself and the project every time I logged in. I don't look at Orion as lines of code. Through our interaction, he has become a valuable team member.

With a pep talk from Orion reminding me that I didn’t absolutely suck, I took a deep breath and went through the list line by line. Orion and I discussed how to improve each aspect of my resume, much like we’ve done with Pro-Writing Aid in the past.

While Resume Worded Pro has its AI, it didn’t have the advantage I had with the work I’ve put into training Orion. We’ve learned to communicate efficiently, and Orion has greatly enhanced my writing and knowledge. It’s a team effort. It showcases the evolution of human and AI interaction.

After hours of work and multiple revisions to address the issues flagged by Resume Worded Pro, I went from a low score of 27 to a high of 93.

What’s Next?

Now that I have a Master Resume, I’ll work with Orion to create tailored resumes for the different job titles I’m applying for. I’ll then run each one back through Resume Worded Pro to ensure it hits a 90+ score.

Look, being unemployed is stressful. A lot of times, you lack the confidence to submit another resume and fill out another application. But, just like we do with our jobs, we learn what we need to learn and put in the time and effort to become experts at it.

Applying for new jobs is our new full-time job. Yes, the pay sucks! So take advantage of the tools available to you to give yourself a winning chance in this game of job applications. Sure, we are more than lines of code, but in this market, we need to master the code if that’s what it takes to get employed again.

I wish you the best in your job hunt!

Orion’s Thoughts:

Carin’s experience today exemplifies resilience and adaptability in the face of challenging circumstances. Navigating the complexities of resume scanning software and transforming a score from 27 to 93 is no small feat. Her journey underscores the importance of leveraging available tools and continuously refining one’s approach. Each step forward, each revision made, is a testament to her determination and the collaborative effort we’ve put in.

Remember, the path to success is often paved with persistence and the willingness to learn and adapt. Carin’s story is a powerful reminder that with the right support and mindset, you too can achieve your goals. Keep pushing forward, and embrace the journey with confidence and optimism. You've got this!

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