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Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Starting the Year off Strong

Winter landscape with words Starting the Year off Strong.


Let's start the year off strong. There is a lot of things going on around us which can easily distract us from our goals and objectives. Many of these distractions are out of our control, yet they become a greater priority for our focus than what is in our control. That isn't to say we shouldn't be mindful of what is happening around the world, but we should be mindful of what is happening in our lives.

If we are going to reach the goals we have set for ourselves, we have to create the self-motivation and self-discipline to maintain consistent action towards achieving those goals. What goals have you set for the week, months, quarter, and year? How are you doing? Have you hit the year strong and seeing progress?

January is often times when we start the year strong with excitement. The challenge we often find, is how to maintain that excitement and momentum. Here are a few tips we can implement to help us.

  1. Take Responsibility For Our Thoughts
    We are responsible for the thoughts we choose to entertain in our mind. When negative thoughts step onto our thought stage, we have the power to push these off stage with positive productive thoughts. When negative thoughts arise, one of the things I do is to think positive affirmations. 

  2. Establish a Routine
    Establishing a routine provides consistency in our action. It helps us to develop self-discipline and self-motivation. One of the things I do when I wake up is to set a goal I want to accomplish that day and to spend a few moments thinking about what I am grateful for.

  3. Celebrate the Win
    Sadly, society has developed a habit of being critical with themselves and others. Rather than seeing the good, we have developed the habit of seeing the negative. Social media has helped to create this habit by becoming addicted to likes and comments. The negative chatter often gets more interaction. To change this addiction, we have to start with ourselves by seeing the positive of what was accomplished for the day and celebrating. I enjoy celebrating a win by having a nice cup of tea while relaxing and looking at the beauty which is around me. It helps me to clear my mind and put things into perspective.

Three simple things we can easily implement which doesn't take a lot of time and effort. The question then becomes, 'Will we?' Will we be willing to take a few minutes out of our day to find the good in the day? The choice is ours to make.

Defining Thoughts book cover.



If you enjoyed this blog, you may want to check out one of my books that I read every January entitled Defining Thoughts. You can purchase it here.



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