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Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Goals vs Wishes

There are distinct differences in how we think, to establish whether what we are desiring becomes a goal or a wish. What may at first appear to be a goal, is often just the façade of a hopeful wish.

There are key indicators which will establish up front, the chance of success to obtain your goal. Goal setting, like anything in life takes practice to determine what works and what doesn't. It is through our failed goals, we learn how to set up a goal to win.

Here are some tips on how to set up a goal to succeed.

  1. Define the goal.
    1. Understand your purpose.
    2. Understand your intent.
  2. List what changes you need to make to align with the goal. 
  3. Find a mentor.
    1. We often think we need to have an in-person mentor, but if we are willing to expand our perspective, mentors are available all around us.
    2. Social Media is filled with mentors for us to gain insight to their success.
    3. Mentors have an abundancy of books and online courses for us to benefit from.
    4. Your mentor may never know who you are. What is important, is that you know who they are and how to implement what they are sharing.
  4. Commit to take action.
  5. Break down a large goal into smaller goals.
  6. Take daily action.
  7. Affirm daily, your commitment to completing what you start.
  8. Daily, celebrate your wins.
  9. Understand your failures.
  10. Reflect on areas you can improve.


Goals are strategic. They are detailed.


Taking the time to understand your goal, will set you up for success. When you rush into a goal, because you don't want to "waste" time setting it up, you've established your lack of commitment to your goal. This is a mere wish, but when things get difficult, you'll quit. Because you've already proven to yourself, your unwillingness to take the time to set up a goal to succeed.

My STEPS to Success program takes you step-by-step into understanding your thoughts and commitments to your goals. The STEPS to Success program was developed over a ten year period of goal setting. What you'll learn in thirty-days.

  1. Understand your blueprint of life.
  2. Become a master architect of your life.
  3. Learn how to apply this goal setting program.
  4. See examples of how I used this program.
  5. Practice implementing this on a small goal.

I get it... your next question is how much? This is where you expect a sales pitch something like...

"Normally this would cost thousands, but for a limited time, it'll only cost you hundreds. AND I'll include as a bonus.... blah, blah, blah."

One book, thirty-days, and you'll learn how to set up your goals to succeed. STEPS to Success Workbook is part of The Ember Within series. I recommend you begin with this book. 

It is available on Amazon.  https://author.to/STEPSWorkbook



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