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Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Embracing Holistic Success: Unveiling the STEPS to Success Course

Reading Time: 7 minutes

STEPS to Success Workbook book cover of a mountain path leading up to a snow capped mountain with a dark clouded sky. A river flows along the path.

Every morning, my books greet me as I wake. I set up my shelf intentionally for me to see my books and products when I first open my eyes. A reminder of my progress. It is a silent moment of reflection as I recall the moments I wanted to give up, moments when I didn’t have the confidence to take one more step forward. It is in this moment of reflection that my books whisper to me. Reminding me of what I have written to you. They whisper for me to embrace them once again, to reread my words, and find solace in them during challenging moments in life.

Sometimes, as I write, it feels as if the books dictate their own stories, guiding my hands across the keyboard. My fingers fly on the keyboard during these times. Picking up a book and revisiting its pages, I can’t help but smile at the conversation we share.

The STEPS to Success Workbook, Toolbox, and Journal decided to gang up together one morning. I think they were collaborating all night long. They wanted a new book cover outfit and a complete update. As I picked them up and scanned through their pages, I loved what I had written. I loved the design. But they were right. It was time to revisit them. They deserved an update.

The journey began with the Workbook. Strategically mapping out the new direction, I wanted to take the course. This is the foundation course that all future books expand upon. The Workbook transitioned from a clean, professional look to mountain hiking attire. With each step, the path urged me higher, to embrace the challenge of moving the mountain of what loomed over me and putting it behind me. 

As I stood on the cliffs of change, I shouted out and let the echoes of my voice return to me, helping to guide my writing voice. I would close my eyes and remember the hikes I took with Shyla, my faithful canine companion. The photographs I took, laying on the ground with my macro lens to capture the hidden treasure of nature. I smiled when people cast strange looks my way as they rushed to see the marvelous landscape views.

STEPS to Success weaved its way into my heart like nature’s vine. I hope you enjoy this preview of what is coming in the passages I share. STEPS to Success will be available in this first quarter in 2024. Together, my friends, we will move mountains. 

Excerpt from Part I of STEPS to Success Workbook

Chapter 1 – Dawn of Growth: Awakening Seeds

We come into this life with a scream, our first act of emotional communication, perhaps signifying the challenges ahead. Each obstacle we face is like a daunting mountain, shrouded in uncertainty. As we face these challenges, we breathe in determination, readying for the strenuous climb. Every step is a battle, our bodies protesting and our doubts whispering temptations of comfort. The allure of a warm bed and the solace of a fireplace, sipping coffee or tea, contrasts starkly with the cold, hard ground, serenaded by the howls of doubt. In these moments of struggle, our deepest emotional communications are forged, a profound internal dialogue between our present selves and the future we aspire to.

Resting momentarily, we gaze at our blistered, sore hands, the clear testament of our journey. Our muscles protest vehemently, yet a smile breaks through. Each blister, each pang is a badge of our resilience, of mountains braved and doubts overcome. Clinging to the mountainside, gazing down at the valley shrouded in whispers of doubt, we feel the icy grip of others' disbelief trying to pull us back. Yet, as the moon descends and dawn’s first rays touch the peaks, these night-time fears, the icy hands gripping our spirit, begin to melt away. The light of dawn brings clarity, transforming our laughter from resignation to realization and empowerment, signaling the triumph of spirit over doubt.

In a moment of profound realization, the ember within us ignites into a guiding light, illuminating our path. Laughter bursts forth, echoing against the neighboring mountains, as we bask in newfound light-heartedness. This enlightenment reveals not just the mountain we're climbing but also the myriad of paths and peaks that surround us, inviting us to contemplate the many journeys we could embark upon.

As the moon's gentle light fades, we light a lantern, casting a warm glow over the landscape. The silhouetted trees beckon us forward, guiding us along the path they line. At this crossroads of self-reflection, we ponder, 'Am I following my own compass, or navigating by someone else’s stars?' Our laughter, echoing off the snow-peaked crest, is a triumphant sound. We realize that the choice to climb this mountain, or any other, has always been ours. Embracing this newfound wisdom, we ready ourselves for the next phase of our journey, deeply aware that the path we choose is ours to define.

Up until now, we’ve journeyed together through metaphors of mountains and paths, reflecting on the challenges that shape us. My story, too, is one of such mountains. At fifty, I emerged from the shadows of a cult, facing a world as unfamiliar as a distant planet. This was my mountain, a path I had to choose – Not just to climb but to discover who I could be beyond the confines of my past. As I share this part of my journey, it’s not just my story, but a mirror to the universal struggle of overcoming and transformation we all face. Your mountain may be different, but the ascent – with its trials and triumphs – is a path we all tread in different ways.

I, too, have stood at a crossroads similar to yours, pondering if I was following my own compass or navigating by someone else’s stars. At fifty, I emerged from the shadows of a cult into an uncharted world. My past, once a monochrome reality, clashed with the vibrant possibilities of a new life. Raised in suspicion, I faced a defining choice at this crucial juncture, not unlike the decisions you may confront.

In this unfamiliar world, doubts haunted me, echoing past fears. But the power of choice was mine: to stay enshrouded in the valley's mist or to ascend a chosen mountain. For the first time, my path was mine to determine. It was a choice between clinging to old beliefs or embracing a newfound freedom. Within me, an undying ember whispered, 'Climb.'

As I navigated this daunting ascent, I recognized the universal threads in our journeys. Each of us faces our unique mountains, yet the climb invariably teaches us courage, resilience, and growth. Your path might differ, but the essence of the journey echoes mine.

Every step, every stumble, has its lesson. Failures are insights, not defeats. Each resting point is a chance to gather strength and reassess. These climbs, whether yours or mine, are more than mere ascents; they are the dawns of our transformation.

As you engage with this workbook, see it as a map of your inner landscape, charting both challenges and moments of respite. It's more than a guide; it's an invitation to a journey of self-discovery. So take that deep breath, feel the earth beneath you, and set your gaze forward. Your journey, rich with potential, starts here.



Excerpt from Part II of STEPS to Success Workbook

Activity 1: Dawn of Discovery – Your Monthly Goal-Setting Quest

This activity is designed to take you on a quest to illuminate the goals that resonate with your innermost desires, helping you to fill out the Monthly Goal form with clarity and purpose.

  1. Goal Unearthed: Find a quiet space where you can reflect without interruption. Consider the areas of your life you're most eager to transform or cultivate. Write down these areas as broad goals on a separate piece of paper.
  2. Purposeful Light: For each goal, ask yourself why it's important to you. What will achieving this goal bring into your life? How will it align with your personal values? Write these down as your purposes.
  3. Intent's Flame: Reflect on what will drive you towards each goal. Is it a passion, a need for change, a commitment to others, or personal growth? This is your intent—the motivational force that will keep you moving forward.
  4. Weekly Beacons: Break down your monthly goal into smaller, manageable tasks that can be achieved weekly. These are your beacons that will guide you through the month. Think of them as mini-milestones that contribute to your larger goal.
  5. Recording Your Journey: Now, take the insights you've gathered and begin to fill out the Monthly Goal form. Start with the broad goals and distill them into the specific goals you’ve identified as most compelling.

Having cast the light of clarity on your goals in the Dawn of Discovery, you are now poised at the threshold of guidance. It's time to look to the stars — not just as celestial bodies that pepper the night sky, but as sources of inspiration, direction, and wisdom. In the next phase, Star Mapping, you will seek out those who have navigated their own paths successfully. Just as ancient explorers charted their courses by the stars, you too will align your journey with the luminaries that resonate with your aspirations.

STEPS to Success Design Phase Self-Development Form


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