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It's All About The Climb - Fiction Writing Journey

June 1 2020 was the day I committed myself to begin my fiction writing journey. It took my visualization and metaphors to a heightened level. Strapping on my hiking boots I was determined to not only climb this mountain, but to conquer it.

There at the mountain's base I looked up. I was in it's shadows, but I saw myself grab the ledge and begin to climb it's face. As I reached up to climb I had a "Aha Moment." 

  • Analyze
    • To reach the mountain top I would need tools to ensure my success.
    • Non-fiction writing, for me is primarily analytical, left brain work. I apply creative, right brain work in my formatting, supplemental resources, book covers and marketing.
    • Fiction writing was switching that process and beginning with the creative, right brain work.
    • The structure of the analytical, left brain work intensified. The organization of worlds, structures, plots, characters... the list was daunting to think about.
    • Good thing I'm a non-fiction writing who just released my STEPS to Success Workbook and Toolbox.
    • I began to plug this new project into my system.
      • Discovery Phase
      • Strategy Phase
      • Design Phase
      • Execution Phase
  • Highlight
    • My inexperience in fiction, I realized that I didn't have the tools I would require.
    • As I reached on my bookshelf and grabbed my STEPS to Success Toolbox I realized that for my writing, it was lacking a few key features that I would require.
    • One of the best books I've read that has made a tremendous impact on my writing is M LeMont's Write Like You're Already Famous. This book shifted my writing mindset. As I am starting to write fiction, this book has heightened its meaning for me.

      Every artifact of my process takes a new level of thought. What if? Far too often we defeat ourself in our mind. "Who am I to think...?" Those words have been spoken and thought by every famous author. Remember... everyone starts within a blank page and doubts.

      Because of LeMont's book I reflected on this new journey differently. If this book was a best seller and I became a best selling author because of it, people would want to know my process. I had to be able to organize that so it would be easy to share.
  • Acknowledge
    • I realized I would need to blog my journey along the way.
    • I realized I would need to create a STEPS to Success for Writers Workbook... for me. Oh... the beauty of being a non-fiction author.
    • I would be able to beta test my own writing workbook to refine what worked for me.
    • My mind started working on what additions I would need to make for this workbook. 
    • As I began to think about what tools I would need to add that would be specific for my writing, I began to expand on other methods that this workbook could be used.

It was then I began to realize that stepping into fiction wouldn't be distinctive from my non-fiction work, but enhance it. That was exciting to me. The shards of thoughts and possibility flying back and forth between my right and left brain.

As I gather up my tools to climb this mountain I smile. After all... the thrill is in the adventure of the climb.


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