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Book Review: Korrigan - Rebecca F. Kenney

Korrigan by Rebecca F. Kenny book cover


Korrigan by Rebecca F. Kenney is an intriguing story that teenagers and adults will both enjoy. She brilliantly keeps the reader wanting to turn the next page to discover the mysteries that she interweaves in her story of love, magic and as the opposing forces fight for power and control. You’ll not want to put it down.




This is the first book I have read of yours. I found you through the #writingcommunity on Twitter. I share where I found your work to help you track where your book sales are coming from. I chose to put your book into my reading que based off a writer lift that was sharing books. Yours came across my timeline and I was listening to Celtic music at the time while writing. The Celtic knot intrigued me.

While I have been intrigued by your engagement in the community, it has been through reading this book, that I gained a greater respect and appreciation for your writing. I look forward to reading more from you.





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