Book Review - How to Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers - M LeMont

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How to Get 100,000 Twitter Followers book coverRarely can I say that a book has made such a profound impact on my life goals. M LeMont's book HTG100k is a book that anyone who is looking to understand the world of social media and its marketing power, should read. Since I have implemented what LeMont teaches in this book, I've been able to establish growth rate that I know how to speed up or slow down. 

For an Indie Author, this is a life changer for me. Every Indie Author has two hustles. One is to write quality books, the second is to know how to market your books to your target audience. I highly recommend reading and applying what is taught within these pages.

M LeMont,
Thank you for sharing this insightful information. You've helped me to unlock a powerful took that I have been able to contribute to increased exposure and sales of my books. This has been a game changer for me. I'm grateful to your willingness to not only share this valuable information, but to continue to practice what you preach.

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