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One on One IT Consulting

One on One IT Consulting

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Premier Service provides one on one consulting and coaching. This service is for one month's of accountability coaching. Please contact me for free Accountability Coaching evaluation. Once terms have been reached you may proceed to purchase services. Service is required up front. There are no contracts. After initial purchase of the first month, you will need to purchase next month, for service to continue. Should you choose to purchase several months in advance, increase the amount at time of purchase.

    • The IT Consulting services is where I will personally work on the project throughout the four phases of development, in a collaborative environment directly with the team and project owner. My experience leading three teams on a high profile project, allows me to mentor new or struggling Product Owners in the nuances of their responsibility. Working quickly through the storming phase found in new teams, I help to set up the implementation of practices and systems, that helps to establish clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Integration and refinement of the Agile Philosophy and Scrum Framework is utilized to assist with increasing the project's ROI.
    • On site consulting for duration of contract
    • Non-Disclosure agreement will be signed. This protects both of us to ensure that nothing I am gaining insight from your company can be shared with any future companies that I consult with. My business relies on trust and my honor in safe keeping the proprietary rights of my clients. Upon completion, all my notes are turned back into the company.
    • Non-Compete agreement will not be signed. The Non-Disclosure agreement protects every company that I do consulting work for.
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