Carin Camen at home.

The Person

Carin Camen is a single mother of five adult children and two beautiful grandchildren. She resides in upper New York State with her adult sons. Her sons having first left the cult environment in their teenage years, have been instrumental in guiding her through her transition into the real world. 

"Long distance relationships are not for the weak. It implements the four C's of communication to be successful. Commitment, Consistency, Clarity and Composition. Communication is the foundation in which Trust and Respect is built upon. These three things make up the triangle that protects hearts. 

Eventually, someone will have to relocate. If a strong and committed relationship is developed long-distance, it shows that both partners are ready to pursue a relationship together and are committed to it's success.

I've often say 'I am a protector of hearts.' I protect hearts by teaching how to create a strong triangle of communication, trust and respect. I prefer to begin a relationship long-distance. Communication is essential for me, in a relationship. I don't think relationships have to be that complex and challenging, if both individuals have strong communication skills.

I can know within a short period of time, whether this individual and I will be compatible by the way they apply the four C's. If the four C's aren't there, Trust and Respect can't be built upon. There is no need to move further in the relationship. No one is at fault, it's just our communication styles are not compatible.

Most individuals want to jump first the the physical aspect of the relationship. First work on the mind, heart and soul... the physical is the easy part, but it won't keep a relationship together. The whole physical aspect of the relationship will follow a natural course, once one has established a strong foundation for success. It comes down to building that triangle to protect the heart, which foundation is communication."

Her book, The Art of Defining Me, is her story and journey of leaving a cult environment and learning to live in a world she was raised to fear as evil. Her 30-Day Challenges are the processes that she developed and used to refine and define the woman she desired to become. The Art of Defining Me series shares her story and processes that were developed over a ten-year period of transitioning.

"I don't believe I will ever be able to adequately articulate the tedious processes I took, to break down every aspect of my life and to scrutinize every thought pattern. This was required in order for me to break past the preconceptions that I was raised with.

The process was overwhelming, trying to relearn history without the filters of cult. To learn the simple nuances of life, that most normally learn growing up. To learn how to engage with individuals outside of the cult mentality. It was a fast track learning experience trying to make up for a lifetime of lost opportunities and knowledge.

My children have been my anchor. When life would knock me down, there were so many times I wanted to quit, they were there. So many times I didn't believe in myself, or that I could ever make it in this real world, they were there. When those times came and the tears fell... I would take a deep breath, wipe my eyes and rise one again. Focusing on taking just one step forward and upward." 

Carin is passionate about the arts. She loves writing, photography, music, dance, theatre and art. She enjoys the beauty of nature and hiking. She isn't associated with any religion, but studies religions to better understand the individuals that she encounters and find commonality. 


The Profession

Certified Scrum MasterCertified Scrum Product Owner

Specializing in mid to high level Agile projects by bringing development and design together for optimal user experience.

AGILE • SCRUM • UX • CX • UI • IA • IxD • VsD • DV • VEMG

CSPO Certified Scrum Product Owner • CSM Certified Scrum Master
Carin Camen Resume

Specializing in mid to high level Agile projects by bringing development and design together for optimal user experience. My ability in implementing Agile philosophies into the Scrum framework allows me to quickly integrate design and development into self-organizing teams, to increase ROI for the project. With a diverse background in Agile and User Focused Methodology and Practices throughout the four phases of a project's life cycle, I work with agile teams to engage in the delivery of information and API based IT products. I collaborate with the Scrum Team to break down complex projects into results driven processes.

My experience in being in different roles of the project's four phase life cycle, throughout the last 15 years, allows me to understand both the stakeholder, user, design and development team, and customer service perspectives. Collaborating with Design, Marketing, Analysis and Development team while achieving usability and profitability goals, creates a positive user experience for all entities that will be involved with the project from conceptualization to product use.

My diverse knowledge and expertise in various industries throughout their Discovery, Strategy, Design and Execution Phases in the SDLC allows me to integrate Customer Experience Design with User Experience Design to facilitate the emotional response and connection between the user, product and company to provide consumer loyalty.





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