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Carillu Series

Carillu series showing books in the series.


The adventure begins with Froggie and Friends, as Carin Camen introduces the characters in her Carillu children’s book series. Froggie and Friends is the first book in the series, co-authored with her daughter, Amber Stevens and illustrated by Carin.
This mother and daughter team takes you into the world of Froggie and his friends Hopper, Bugzie, Giggles, and Pixie. These books incorporate themes to include children with special needs. Carin dedicates this series to her two special needs grandchildren, who make guest appearances.

  • Froggie loves adventures, especially with friends. Froggie learns how to make and become a better friend.
  • Your adventures with Hopper will have you hopping as he loves to hop and count.
  • Giggles like to giggle. Giggle will take you on adventures to help you understand your emotions.
  • Pixie is quiet, she can’t talk, she uses a special device to write out what she wants to say. Pixie loves animals and can’t wait to take you on her adventures.
  • Bugzie likes shapes. He is going to take you on adventures to show you all the shapes and how you can combine them to make new shapes.

Carin presents the Carillu series in several book sizes and also includes coloring books for you to enjoy the adventures of Froggie and Friends.

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